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Thread: Popper heads ?

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    Default Popper heads ?

    I've watched some pretty neat vids from youtube on building poppers. Some use various materials for the head. One guy used some flat white foam to form a head while another used an already formed styrofoam head. Whats the flat stuff called and what do i ask for? One guy used some already colored flat sticky pieces and folded em backwards and forwards making the head. Not sure what they're called. For now i use various size cork and some soft foam ear plugs. They are soft and pliable. I've never treated em with anything as they float forever but i think i will try to coat em with the epoxy. I also saw an air brush with interchangable cylinders and a turnstyle for drying. I guess you could say i'm behind the curve on some of this tech stuff. What do you guys use for heads?

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    Default Re: Popper heads ?

    I take a salvaged lobster buoy, cut it into slices, then punch out cylinders
    ... the sheet foam you can get anywhere that sells craft supplies. dollar store, w*lmart....

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    Default Re: Popper heads ?

    These are pretty cool, you can reverse them and make a type of diver style fly too, works really well...

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    Default Re: Popper heads ?

    You can get the sheets of foam from most any hobby & crafts store. Hobby Lobby, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts, AC Moore and others carry it. Even some Walmarts have it. I buy it at a JoAnn's Fabric or Michaels. Many colors and most will be 2mm thick. I've bought it 3mm & 6 mm thick too. The sheet sizes will vary too. I've bought in 8 1/2 X 11, and in larger sheets, and have seen it in smaller sizes as well. Some places carry single sheets & some carry it bundled. You just have to look around until you find it.

    You can make simple, Banger type poppers & sliders from most anything, such as cork, balsa, and many types of foams. Closed cell foam is what most folks use. Just make some cylinders, wrap them with one of the various Flash tapes, like what Witchcraft Products sells, coat them with epoxy & you have a very simple, yet durable & productive fly.

    Popper made with a cork bottle stopper.

    Poppers & Sliders made with various preformed bodies.

    Banger type, made with a foam cylinder. This one has a rattle in the back of the body.

    Gurgler, made with sheet foam.
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