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    Default Finally a nice warm spring day...

    Those in the far northern latitudes might not want to read any further.
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    Mar. 5
    65 degrees, sunny, breezy with gusts to 25mph.
    Finally a nice warm day, took a long lunch and landed 11 small browns 8-12" in town on my new TFO 3wt. Tons of people out riding their bikes, walking, and running. No other lunchtime anglers though! I waded in sandals for a short while in the ~40 degree water.
    Nothing big, but my best numbers in months, and starting to feel more confident with the little noodle rod.

    Fish were occasionally rising in one hole, but I did not manage to match the hatch; having refusals on black and olive #22 comparaduns. All fish were taken on a home made #16 black zebra midge pupa. They refused the#22 black midge emerger that they have taken the last few weeks.

    I hope others are enjoying the warm spell as well, it is supposed to snow again this weekend. If you are freezing you buns off in Canada or Alaska, I warned you not to read!
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    Default Re: Finally a nice warm spring day...

    TB: Yes, it has been very warm here in Pinedale, WY the last couple of days, today I think it was approaching 40, with no wind and an amazing warmth coming off all the snow......feels like spring! Congrats on getting out and getting the line wet and landing some nice fish.

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    Default Re: Finally a nice warm spring day...

    Unbelievable warm weather for this time of year here, 82 yesterday and again today, lost my kitchen pass yesterday for plant buying at a local nursery, and today for planting and my lovely wife now wants to paint the inside of the house and she’s got a couple hundred color chips to go through gosh, gosh and more gosh, Ard I hope your warm!


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    Default Re: Finally a nice warm spring day...

    You guys are killing me, when I was out yesterday it was 18 degrees... Minds as well have brought an ice-pick for the guides! But the dreaded weatherman is forecasting mid-50s for tomorrow, so its looking like an inland trout day, and maybe even a hatch?!?!?!
    - A.J.

    Working out a way to convince my university to allow me to hold my TA office hours on the nearby creek...

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    Default Re: Finally a nice warm spring day...

    Its starting to warm up down here real nice now. I am also getting a new TFO 3wt here soon.

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    78 degrees over here around Chicago tomorrow. Yikes!!

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