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Thread: My New Rod - questions...

  1. Default My New Rod - questions...

    Good day everyone! I am having a hard time making a decision on a rod, and I hope someone out there can offer some helpful advice.

    The backstory is that I owned an Orvis Silver Label, 8'6" for 4-weight Mid Flex 6.0, for several years. I broke the S.L. several years ago and Orvis immediately replaced it with the same rod. About four weeks ago I broke it yet again, sent it back to Orvis, and with my permission they replaced it with a TLS Power Matrix 8'6" for 4-weight Mid Flex 7.0.

    I was very happy to receive a brand new rod and the customer service was EXCELLENT but suprisingly, I don't like the feel of the TLS as much as the S.L., and it doesn't seem to load well at the very short distances I usually end up casting.

    Meanwhile, my wife just got a TFO "Casting for Recovery" rod which supposedly casts just like the Professional series. I love the way her medium-fast rod casts, though I always THOUGHT I preferred a medium action like that of my Orvis Silver Label.

    I'm thinking I might prefer a new 4-weight Echo or TFO or Scott V2, but I'm stuck with the TLS. Should I try it out with a 5-weight line perhaps? Maybe I should just sell it on Ebay!

    Your comments, advice?

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    Default Re: My New Rod - questions...

    Hi burns,

    If you are thinking that the rod is too stiff then I would try a 4wt SA GPX. This line would be the equivalent of a 4.5 weight line. This might make a difference. You could also try the 5wt as you stated. Do you have fishing friends that you could borrow a 5wt from? Is there a fly shop that lets you try out rods before you buy? I hate to see you spend $60 for a new line and it still doesn't meet your requirements. If you like how it casts on longer cast, then over lining might be a good way to go on shorter cast. The problem is you may not like how it makes the long cast with the heavier line.

    Picking a rod is really a personal decision. We get on this board and recommend certain rods but there is no guarantee that rod is going to work for that person. Fly casters with lots of experience can adjust there casting stroke to accommodate most rod characteristics. Less experience casters needs to find a rod that matches their casting stroke. A rod that I like for a certain application may not be right for some other person. I have a Sage 9'6" 5wt that I use a GPX line on. It works super for me but it may be all wrong for someone else. The only true test is to test cast a rod before you buy one. Whoops, I think I am getting a little off subject.

    If you really like your wife's rod and you can't borrow a heavier fly line to test on your rod, I would think about another rod. If you just recently got the rod from Orvis they may trade it out for another rod.

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    Default Re: My New Rod - questions...

    I also think a 4wt GPX would be a good choice to try first before buying a rod. If stealth in appearance and presentation isn't super paramount to you, you could also go with the SA Headstart line. Its a bit heavy towards the front, is as high quality as the Mastery line, and sells for about $35. Its designed for beginners and is as close as you can get to a 4wt Bass Bug line. Might be just the ticket for your shorter casts. If you need to achieve a more delicate presentation for spring creeks or whatever, you can always just fish a extra long leader on it.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    I am going to try my wife's 5-weight line on it. The GPX may be a good idea.

    Does the flex of the rod (medium vs. medium-fast) not really have that much to do with how well it loads at short distances?

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    Default Re: My New Rod - questions...


    Oh boy this is a tough question. I am not a rod technician and don't know all of the mechanics of rod action. Fly rods are rated by the amount of flex the rod has. If most of the flex is in the tip of the rod it would be called a fast action rod. A fast action rod imparts a faster line speed to the fly line and works well in wind and long cast. A medium action rod has much more flexibility than a fast action rod and is probably the most popular action for all around fishing. Rather than flexing mostly in the tip it would flex at least down to the mid section of the rod. You can still get good line speed and cast a good distance. It is also more accurate than a fast action rod and a good choice for a beginner. It would be a better choice for someone who wanted to make shorter cast. A slow action rod flexes deeper into the rod and could flex almost to the grip. The slower action is very good for the small creek/stream fisher who is making short and very accurate cast. The response time of a slow action rod will not generate a great deal of line speed and is a poor choice for distance casting or fishing in the wind.

    Loading of the rod has to do with what line weight the rod is designed for. The rod companies and line companies have gotten together and have agreed on a specific line weight for each rod weight. That is, a 5wt rod is designed to cast a specific line weight in the first 30' of line. For a fast action rod to properly flex it needs 30' of fly line that matches the rod weight. A 5wt rod would need 30' of 5wt fly line to flex as designed. When we get to slower action rods they are also designed to cast the first 30' of fly line but the softer flex of the rod will cast quite nicely with some shorter length of line out. This is why I think the slower action rods work better with short cast.

    I hope this makes sense to you.

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    Default Re: My New Rod - questions...

    Burn's the spring issue of "The Fly Fishing Insider" has articles and reviews covering most all of the subjects in this thread. They have a review and test on midpriced 4 wt rods, rod action and what it means to you, and also a test of fly lines. You may be able to track down part of the review on their web site. Like this site they are loaded with good information. However, it does not offer personal assitance like the ladies and gentlemen here do.

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    Thanks for the comments so far everyone.

    I'll see how the wife's 5-weight works. If that is a step in the right direction, and I can actually feel the line, then I'm going to try the line that Frank reccomended.

    Hardhat - the site you reccomended reviewed a 4-weight TLS, but the 9 ft version, and gave it 3/5 "stars" saying it had below average feel. That is exactly my perception. Thanks.

  8. Default Re: My New Rod - questions...

    Good day,

    It looks like you've had a lot of answers to your question.
    That's one of the great things about this Forum.
    I have a Sage FLi 9' 4wt 4 piece rod, just bought it a little
    while back & I absolutely love this rod. ( Not sure as to how
    much $$$ you were looking to spend. ) I can actually cast
    this rod farther & more accurate than my first rod : Scott
    Voyager 9' 5wt.
    We've sort of discussed this before but this seems to be a
    pat answer : Go to your local fly shop & cast as many different
    rods as you can, in the weight class your looking for & buy the
    one that "feels" the best to you. A rod I may love, you may hate.
    Rods have become very "specialized" over the years & this seems
    at least to me as the best method. Maybe others disagree, but it
    has always worked for me.

    Tie One On

  9. Default Re: My New Rod - questions...

    I don't have a lot of cash to spend (we're newlyweds). It seems to me that it isn't neccessary to spend too much to get a solid rod, considering that my $315 rod isn't casting as nicely for me as my wife's $139 rod.

    I wish I could trade it in for something else, but Orvis still hasn't emailed me back on that possibility. Even if they go for that, I can't afford the extra $300 or so for a Zero-G. What else is there, Superfine, maybe?

    The other thing I may do is see if I can trade it in for a heavier weight Orvis rod - like a 9 weight for Stripers. Then I could look for a new 4-weight like the Echo or a TFO (maybe the Finesse or the Professional, which is supposed to cast the same as my wife's rod), then drop $139-$180 on one of them. I've also heard the Scott V2 is nice. I'll have to cast them first.

  10. Re: My New Rod - questions...

    Great replies on this post. I've been fishing for a graet no. of years and as such have managed to accumulate a heck of alot of rods both from sales and direct from the maker.Almost every brand except a Fenwick. I've had a good many rods made for me including bamboo. The rods that I turn to almost exclusively are 2 Fran Betters' rods and a cane rod made by a young gentleman from Nove Scotia, Shawn Pineo. these rods I use for trout and steel head. what did it for me was the way they cast and the workmanship. Unfortunately I've lost contact with Pineo and can't find him anywhere. The last time I spoke to him he was on his way back to some godforsaken 3rd world country. I can only hope he's ok. the reason for this long rant is that inspite of all the rods, just these few are my favorites. Does anyone else have this dillema? The others may be gathering dust, but I can't bear to get rid of them. I guess they do serve a purpose in that if I have to fly anyplace to fish I leave my favorites at home and tke some of the others. Mad you say. I guess it's a case of choice as the woman kissed the cow. Frank

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