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tie one on 09-13-2007 01:24 PM

When tying a weighted fly ?
Tried to submit this thread last night, but got kicked off
for some reason ??? So he goes again :-)

When you are tying a weighted fly do you prefer to wrap
non-lead wire on the shank, or do you prefer let's say a cone
head weight by the hook eye ?
For me personally I like the wrapped shank. Simple reason :
When I've been in the river to test the fly out they seem to
have a greater tendency to sink more horizontal, then diving
with the nose down. ( I usually use .025-.035 non-lead )
What do you prefer ? Are there any other options out there
that you use ?

Just for a clarification I'm not talking about smaller "nymph"
type flies that you might use a beadhead. I'm talking like :
Black Stonefly, Wooly Buggers, Sculpin. Some type of fly
you want down on the bottom.

Any thoughts, or suggestions ??

Tie One On

Frank Whiton 09-13-2007 03:00 PM

Re: When tying a weighted fly ?
Hi tie one on,

For the bigger flies you are talking about I like to add the weight to the body. As you stated you can adjust the way the fly sinks by shifting the lead along the shank. I like to lay down a base with thread and then add the wire weight. A few thread wraps to hold the wire in place and then glue everything together. I don't wrap the weight real close together so the glue will get to the thread underneath. The glue will guarantee that the weight will not spin around the hook shank and give a good base for the body. May not be the best way but it works for me.

BigCliff 09-13-2007 03:22 PM

Re: When tying a weighted fly ?
I tie most all of my weighted flies with as large a brass bead as I can get on them. However, most of them are either smallish nymphs I want to sink like a rock, or streamers I want to have lots of jigging action.

When/if I ever have a need to fish big stonefly nymphs, or something else I want to drift more calmly downstream, I'll tie them up with lead wraps.

Beads/coneheads are also alot quicker, in my book. I've tied so many clousers, I can prolly even tie on beadchain/dumbell eyes faster than I can wrap a shank with wire and secure it.

fez 10-08-2007 11:58 PM

Re: When tying a weighted fly ?
depends on what i want out of the fly.

some i wrap with lead, some i use a cone or bead head, some i use both.

i have also been tying and fishing more deer hair streamers lately (marabou muddlers, kiwi muddlers, bow river buggers) and for those i just wrap. most of my buggers i tie with both a cone and a wrap.

if im tying to fish a local lake where the cuts hang way down deep in the summer, ill use a lead wrap and a tungsten bead head. those two things together and my fly probably sinks faster than a rock. i also use a 300 gr full sink line on that lake too, often fishing 40+ ft deep.

by the way, just curious, why do you use non-lead wire?

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