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    Default the big day is here

    At least the big day for some folks.

    The rainbow trout release in the local lake is scheduled for today. I took time to drive by the lake after the hard rains yesterday and it looks like coffee with a little cream added. Not too much water going over the spillway this morning, down a couple inches deep, so probably most of the trout will stay in the lake.

    I like it when we get a rain that will put 4-5" of water over the spillway right after the trout are released. A lot of them go downstream and end up in the big deep hole (old stone quarry pit) below the spillway. Makes fishing easy when that happens.

    Yes, I fish for them with a fly rod and I keep them to eat. They will die before the summer is over, anyway.

    I'll probably give them a try this weekend, but it usually takes a week or so before they are on the hunt for food. I did notice several people already staking out a spot along the bank by the boat dock where the trout are released. Not much sport to this type fishing, but it draws a crowd and sells fishing licenses (or brings big fines for those who skip that step) for the DNR.

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    Default Re: the big day is here

    Quote Originally Posted by wabi View Post
    but it usually takes a week or so before they are on the hunt for food.
    They're hungry now.
    Stocked trout aren't feed for days before they're planted, they don't want them getting "car sick" on the ride over.
    It might take them a while before they realize bugs are food however
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