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    Ive just got to say Boz I keep returning to this thread to read your story that is what its all about it remindes me why I love this sport and I think every member on this forum should read that.

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    My first fly rod always will be my most memorable. It was my grandpas who I never fly fished with. I was at a boy scout camp when I was about 13ish and there was an older gentlemen there fly fishing and doing really good. So I asked him if he wouldn't mind teaching me and he did. My parents were nice enough to bring down my grandpas old fly rod after I explained what it was. I cant tell you the brand or anything about it. It has all marking worn off it. My best guess is its a 5wt with an sideways auto retrieve reel. Needles to say fishing with that rod was like fishing with a small tree. I no longer use that rod, but it will always have a special place to me being my first fly rod and also being my grandpas fly rod.

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