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    Default Fisherman's Best Friend

    (...and fisherwoman's of course!)

    Who fishes with their dog(s)?

    These two girls are not from the same litter, but certainly share some blood somewhere down the line. They are both Border Collie mutts, "rescued" a year apart. I've been taking these two since they were old enough. They are pretty good, stay back when I tell them too and generally hang around while I fish. Lucy has put me onto fish I otherwise would have missed. When I see her focused on the water I know she saw a rise. Unfortunately her hips are getting bad. Yesterday we fished for 3 or 4 hours and she is really sore, hobbled. She's only 7. It's been an issue for the past year, kinda sad.

    Lucy and Gertie

    We've had some pretty sketchy moments on the river and I still like fishing alone sometimes, but these days I'm usually happy to them along.

    Let's hear about your four-legged fishing friends.

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    Default Re: Fisherman's Best Friend

    My Andy that passed away last spring would watch for rises as well, He knew exactly why we were there.
    He wasn't much for going in the water however so when he did, he "high stepped" trying to stay dry but making a splashing racket. Not very stealthy.

    Back when "the boy" was a baby I'd bring him fishing with me and put him down in a playpen streamside. Our dog at the time, Flash the Wonderdog, would stay and guard the boy while I fished. He was a smart one.
    Flash got to the point where he was too old to follow me fishing so he'd just pick a spot and snooze.
    I figured out one day where he was by watching the vultures circling above him in the meadow
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    Indeed the two old dogs go into the Jeep. As Husky's 13 and Sandy's 9 it does limit where I can take them. Part that's funny is they see me putting on 'long underwear' and they go 'nuts.'

    The two know exactly what's about to happen next.

    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Fisherman's Best Friend

    Great stories, Rip Tide. I particularly like the streamside playpen! I still don't take my mutts with me when my intention is to stalk risers. Or if I know I may have to cross a cow pasture...but I do always take them to bear country!

    Once Gertie found an old crank-bait on the bank and firmly embedded two of treble hooks (should be illegal for anything but killin') into her hing leg. She was very freaked out. We had to make two stream crossings and walk a mile back to my rig. Then drive 60 miles to town. That was a Saturday evening doggie ER visit.

    Fred, my two start getting very ansty before they even see the backpack. I don't doubt they sense my excitement, but when they see the rod...then they know.

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