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  1. Default Stripers - boat needed for success???

    I appreciate all the help I've received thus far on the forum. I've been fly-fishing for 15 years, but up until a year ago the nearest trout stream was a two-hour drive from my home. In my new location (DE), I live less than 5 min from the nearest trout stream. The bug has officially bitten, and I'm hungry for info and tips! Thanks to everyone who has helped out so far.

    In my new location I am relatively close to some great east coast Striper fishing and I'm interested in getting involved in that. I own a canoe, but it is back in Cincinnati, and I'm wondering if I need to use a boat for success when fishing for Stripers along the coast. Will wading suffice? I'm thinking of fishing around the Delaware bay, the Indian River Inlet, and other areas around the Delaware beaches. Striper season is nearly upon us!

    I certainly appreciate any advice you folks can give. I just don't want to invest a $250-$350 in a new reel, rod and line, only to find I'm SOL without a boat. Stalking fish for a full weekend to wind up skunked or almost skunked is not my cup of tea.

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    If you can manage to be in the right place at the right time (which is usually early in the AM.) you can have a ball in the Surf..... The best thing about a boat is you don't have to wait untill they come within casting range of the shore. A lot of times they chase baitfish around out of range of the best caster. You just follow the birds.. There are some good salt water / striper web sites that will give you more specifics & they post basically where the hottest spots are during the run.

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    I would bet most stripers caught on the east coast are caught in the surf. (not counting commercial harvest, of course) Knowing where they are is absolutely key. I think you've got a while before they migrate down to where you are. The stripers that spend their summers off the Maine coast should be your way around pumpkin time. (halloween and thankgiving)

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    well i kno alot of ppl around here go rock fishing (stripers for all of thoes non easterh shorers) out in the chesapekae bay with boats, but i here that in the northern bay good fishing is done on some flats witch you can proubly wade or i have herd along duey beach and that area ppl surf fish for them also. their is a book called "stiped bass fishing" by nick karas that is helpful, only a chapter on fly fishing but the location princpals are all the same.

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