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    Default Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Hey gang,

    Been busy lately and haven't done as much drawing as I would like. The warm temps have made me realize I need to get cracking on filling up my fly boxes! Less than a month away til I head to BC for 2 weeks of lip piercing!

    Here's a piece I finished yesterday of one of my favorite targets with the fly rod, the smallmouth bass. We're lucky here in Manitoba to have access to some fantastic bass lakes!


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    nice drawing. you should put that on a shirt and sell them.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Nick: Another great drawing, congrats! I have to agree smallies are a blast with a fly rod! My son has access to a private pond in Longmont, CO where we like to take the grandson fishing, the smallies never fail to provide a great time. This year I have a dozen poppers from the recent popper swap that I want to try out. Last year I didn't have any poppers but the smallies just mashed my Chernobyl ant stripped along the top.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    I think you will like the poppers. We used to use Creek Chub 'chuggers' ut there for smallmouth. I always took at least a half a dozen of them to allow for loss to the toothy critters. 1/4 oz. was the size of choice and in a perch color.

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Thanks guys!

    My favorite popper for bass are balsa poppers. I hand-carve my own and tie them on to Mustad CK52S hooks. I tie them on with thread and then epoxy them. This gives them a rock solid hold on to the hook. I then hand paint them to whatever colour I feel. Yellow seems to work really well for me in stained waters. I tie them from size 8 all the way up to 2/0. Just depends on how aggressive the bass are. You'll find out pretty quick if you're not soliciting any strikes with the big poppers or they're following it. Switch to the smaller fly and you'll get em to take.

    These are very durable, lightweight, ride high, and you can use them trip after trip. They also hold up to pike teeth quite well so I've discovered. lol.


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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    As usual awesome fish art. Love smallies. Do my poppers and divers with balsa also and they can take a beating. That one is a beaut and perfect Delaware River Smallmouth color.
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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    That is an awesome drawing,you're very talented. The only thing I don't care for is the white outline around the fish. Otherwise it's a 10

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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Thanks for the input Attila. It's added after the fact in photoshop. The original drawing looks like this. Unfortunately a lot of the detail is lost when scanning it to the computer. Also because pencil is reflective, it's tough to get a good image because the pencil shines any flash used.


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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Ah, the fact your drawing these then scanning into photoshop makes them much cooler. i was thinking the newest stuff was pure digital art. Its cool, just not the same level of cool as hand drawn.
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    Default Re: Smallmouth Bass drawing/design

    Thanks Geoff! I like drawing too much to give it up. I think photoshop just enhances it a bit. The core focus though is the drawn part of course. Glad some people like the style. I know purists won't like it but what evs.


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