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Thread: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

  1. Default Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Long time lurker, first post be gentle.

    I had some problems due to my noobish programming skills. But with help of Admins I was able to fix my initial post, see Posts #5 and #6 for the story and pics
    B]Edit again:[/B] Failed post lost all my formatting when i freaked out that it looked horrible even though preview post looked good.
    Sorry about that. It will take me some time to fix, but right now work is calling. One pic (if it works) to keep you enticed.

    : With the help of forum admins I have figured out the coding on how i need to change original post so it looks correct. I am working on it now.

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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Don't worry about the pics, right now I am batting less than 50% on getting my pics to upload.

    Welcome to the forum.

    This post sounds derogatory of the forum lol but not meant to be.

    I was going fly fishing until my wife suggested it, now I can't tell who is outsmarting who!

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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Welcome! That's one heck of a Bow
    The best way to a fisherman's heart is through his fly.

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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    HOLY HUGE FISH!!!!! Look at that thing!
    "When you do things right, people wont be sure you've done anything at all."

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  5. Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Also Known as Lago Strobel

    Camp sign

    Loop Camp Solid Adventures

    Dates: December 3, 2011 through December 10, 2011

    Party: My good friend and coworker Jason, his wife Cindy and myself.

    Where to start? How do you describe the absolute best fishing experience you have ever had? How do you break it down to people that have their own stories and try and convince them that NOTHING they have ever experienced will probably not even come close to the fishing in Lago Strobel (Jurassic Lake)? The closest description I can even come up with is just “WOW!” It has taken me a couple months just to process this trip it was so amazing.

    I will start by saying I am ruined, I live in Alaska, where up till my ‘Strobel Experience’ I believed I lived in an area with some of the best fly fishing available. I had steelhead in the spring and trout/char all summer and fall. I also had all the salmon fishing I wanted. From April to November I could walk less than half a mile from my front door, to fishing that some people dream about.

    To break it down a little more what I thought was great fishing prior to and after the trip to Jurassic Lake. Personally, every day of fishing is good, but if I had to pick how to classify each trip as good or great it would go something like this.

    Pre “Strobel Experience”: The thought of catching a 20 inch, 4 pound trout was a nice fish. My biggest trout caught was 26 inches. A 30 inch, 8-10 pound trout was a dream I hoped to achieve. A great day of fishing was landing 10 or more fish greater than 15 inches.

    Post “Strobel Experience”: A 20 inch trout is small. A 30 inch, 10 pound trout is an average fish. My biggest trout now stands at a 34 inch, 24 pound rainbow trout caught on a fly rod on a fly I designed and tied (more later). A great day of fishing is catching 30+ fish all measuring more than 25 inches.

    Transportation: The ride in was everything we had read about. Each guide drives their party in his own personal vehicle. Our guide Juan had a diesel Nissan Xterra and after experiencing this vehicle get tested harsher then it would on Top Gear, I would love to get my hands on one up in Alaska. The ride to the camp was long and bumpy, 3 hours on highway mostly dirt, another 1 hour on a dirt path and 3 hours across a boulder field that you could barely make out where the road was. It was a true four wheel experience into the middle of nowhere. Wildlife was everywhere and the scenery nothing short of amazing.

    Diesel Nissan Xtera on ride in
    Lodge: The lodge is not luxury lodge, and honestly I did not want that. I don’t go fishing to have a butler wait on me and change my sheets. The majority of my fishing trip are done in tents or in cabins. At Jurassic, I had my own room with a comfortable bed. It had a propane heater so it was warm and dry. The new dining and relax house was also warm and very comfortable.

    Lodge at Night

    Food: Every night the food was excellent. Three nights we had all you could eat steak. Argentina loves their beef. Included with the lodge was all we could drink wine, beer, soda as well. Our group would finish several bottles of great Argentinian wine every day. We would load up on several beers and wattle bottles in the morning and head to fish until lunch. Our guide would even bring us cold beers when he came out to check on us.

    Beer brought cold upstream by our guide
    Guides: First the guides and camp manager were awesome. Guides may not be an apt word for them. They spoke great English and were super helpful. They would join you on the lake or river if you wanted them to. However I prefer a more hands off approach. By doing that, they turned from a guide to a friend, joining you in your experience as any friend would instead of as a person getting paid to stand there with you.

    Our guide Juan was an excellent photographer. Outside of fishing, photography was his favorite hobby. As such he joined us throughout the trip and took over 700 pictures of our experience in which he uploaded to a spare SSD card I had at the end of the trip. This allowed me to have all the pictures of my experience. These pictures are some of my favorite pictures and some of the ones in this story were taken by him.

    The guides were also excellent educators. Loop has a new spey rod coming out. They had test rods at the camp. I wanted to learn and my friend Jason wanted to get better. They taught us well and at the end of the trip, my buddy Jason was casting like he had been doing it for years and I was successfully using spey techniques in fishing.

    Spey caught Jurassic Trout [
    On a side not these new LOOP spey rods were awesome by the way, but I am new to spey so I may be enamored by my first time

    Once again I was thoroughly impressed by the professionalism of the LOOP camp staff and the LOOP camp. Even if the fishing was mediocre they would have made the trip worthwhile.


    Thinking back, even having experienced it with pictures and video proof, I still have a hard time believing it.. The fishing or should I say catching was nothing short of amazing. But sometimes it isn’t just about the catching, sometimes it is that challenge in fishing. Even at Jurassic Lake it exists, the difference is you are guaranteed to catch giant fish while overcoming those challenges.

    There were days where you had to find that fly that worked the best as they were a little picky that day.

    Picking a fly

    There were days where the ever present Patagonian wind would challenge your casting skills.

    Casting into ever present Patagonia wind

    Another one is that had never fished dry flies in fast water before. Learning how to read the river to find those hydraulic cushions, perfecting my casting to gently lay that dry fly for a good drift was a challenge for me.

    Fast water fishing
    Landing a 30 inch plus Rainbow trout in fast, boulder strewn plunge pools on a 5 wt, was a challenge.

    Big Trout on Dry Fly

    Fighting and landing a monster rainbow (34 inch / 24 lb monster) that had taken you through most of your backing and worrying that your 20lb maxima leader or 8wt rod was going to break if you didn’t play that fish exactly right, was a challenge. For more details on this see The Tale of the Fruitloop Leech linked below.

    I Can’t pick this fish up

    24 pound Rainbow Trout


    All told we caught hundreds of fish with an average size of over 8 lbs.

    We caught four fish that were definitely over 20 lb and about a dozen in the 18-20 pound range

    We literally lost count of how many trout exceeded the 30 inch mark on our rods. It was almost common there.

    One afternoon we fished until we couldn’t cast with either hand anymore due to muscle fatigue from fighting fish. Our group estimated over 100 fish landed in about 5 hours. Most were over 8 lbs. That afternoon the wind made casting challenging but you didn’t have to cast far. Almost every cast generally resulted in a big bright fish.

    I went through every fly in my stuffed boxes and did not find one that did not work, even the Fruitloop leech

    I dont think i can stay away. I have already started saving for my next trip to Argentina.

    I will let these other pictures talk for me. Each one has a story and a good memory but if I am to ever finish this Blog/Forum post I cant describe them all.

    Pics of Fishing

    Late Evening Fish

    Relaxation at its finest

    Mid Day Fight

    Boulder Fishing a new extreme sport

    Helping Cindy pick a fly

    Synchonized Casting

    Landing a fish in the river

    One of Many Doubles


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  7. Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Fish Pictures

    Fruitloop in Action

    Evening Fish on a Bead

    Beautiful Fish


    A release by me

    Tiny Scud big fish

    Nice Fish

    Jumping Fish photo by Our Guide Juan

    Big fish Release

    Hemroidal Mouse works

    Small Dry Fly

    5wt with a fish

    Another Chromer

    Cindy with big fish

    Another big fish by Cindy

    Jason with a 20lb + Chromer

    One of our first fish caught

    River fish

    Big fish I wish I landed

    Bye bye

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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)


    I am not sure whether the post I temporarily deleted was an advertisement or not. I will go look at it but with the link and lodge name I chose to be cautious.

    We offer business membership packages for those who wish to promote business here.

    Contact me via PM please if you have questions.


    As you can see I restored the photos and text. Looks like a heck of a trip.

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    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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  10. Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    I am sorry that my writing a good review about a great experience i had is considered advertising for a business. I paid full price, had a good time and decided to write a review for others. Take it or leave it.

    I have never been part of a sport fishing business, I fly fish solely as a hobby. I have seen other good reviews and when I was researching going on a fishing trip, true honest reviews were hard to come by. This site was one i found an old review of Jurassic lake on and decided to write a more up to date review on it.

    The fact that it is number one on the google search for fly fishing forums I thought it was the logical place to post a review of my trip so others could think about experiencing it.

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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Oh my goodness, this thread is so pic heavy of MONSTER fish that we need to be cautious of the bottom of the thread falling out!!

    Very impressive.
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    Default Re: Jurassic Lake: The Experience (Warning Pic Intensive)

    Looks like some beautiful fish and everyone is wearing a smile, nice trip.

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