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Thread: Does it upset ya......

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    I bring bags in with me and take out what I can. It amazes me how inconsiderate people are. I can omly imagine what these peoples houses look like.

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    Default Re: Does it upset ya......

    In the areas that i fish in Northern Arkansas there are two things they will not tolerate. Glass bottles and dope. You can leave trash but you better not get caught with a glass bottle. This river is also home to several recreational floaters whether it be in a canoe, jon boat, raft or tube. I guess the PTB dont want these guys to cut their feet or get high but the cleanliness of the stream seems to be something of little importance.

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    Yea, this is ridiculous - I do believe this is taught by the parents, and apparently that is not happening. Like other posters, I also carry a trash bag with me and take time before fishing to clean up the banks a little. Just don't understand how people can take something as beautiful as a trout stream for granted.

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    I could end up with a yard trash bag full from almost every hole I fish around here. I was fishing with my son a couple weeks ago and he was looking around the banks, he came up to me and said "Dad what's this thing?". I looked in his hands and see a pot pipe that he found by the bushes.

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    First with my kids and now the ggkids we first clean up before fishing and then as we fish. Tangles of mono are super bad as they kill and maim wildlife/birds and fish. Broken glass is another baddy for certain!
    Back during the years I worked with Diving Clubs, taught divers, led outings, etc--on several occasions we combined a picnic with a major U/W and shoreline clean up. The under water landscape is often more trashed than above. At any rate, as an individual or better yet as a club or group-clean up the water and shorelines! Let's hope it's like a smile and contageous!  8088
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    Back when there was a deposit value and not just aluminum recycling, the local homeless would get most of the cans and bottles out of the river here in town when the river levels dropped in summer. Not enough money in it now.
    I do think that would be a way to prevent some littering and encourage cleaning up and recyclable packaging: Anything sold in "portable" packaging i.e. worms,eggs, Mcburgers, pop, beer etc should carry the logo of the manufacturer and they should be required to buy it back. If it has some value, it's less likely to be left.
    I once made the mistake of picking up a diaper when we finished an early spring fishing trip. Tossed it in the bucket with the rest of the trash, and stuck the bucket in the back of the Subaru.
    We stopped in town for a snack and to let the kids warm up. When we got back in the car..WHEW!... the refuse had warmed up, too.

    "Every [child] has the right to a first fish. On this particular planet, no man is granted a greater privilege than to be present and to assist in the realization of this moment". Bill Heavey

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