Finally found some scales to weigh fly lines. The Umpaqua ones do not weigh heavy enough for the lines I use, but I finally found some on a postal scales website that will do the trick. It was 65 bucks from American Weigh Scales, but should save me a lot more than that in useless fly line purchases. It weighs up to a puund and has a big bowl to coil the line into.

I just bought a new 12 wt rod which I don't think handles a Rio Tarpon 12 wt as well as it would handle a lighter line, so I will be able to mark the Rio at the point the rod handles it well, and weigh that section before making a new line purchase.

Theoretically, I should then be able to select the "right" weight line (for me) without having to resort to the expensive "buy and try" method.

Where would we be without our new toys?