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Thread: FROGS on a fly?

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    stay tuned for the 'fly fishin' for kittens' thread......

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    My son can entertain himself for hours tempting frogs with a fly.
    I told a good friend (who owns a well stocked pond) about it.

    One day soon after I told him we went to fish his pond for bluegills. He told my son in a serious tone, "Catch all the 'gills you want to, but leave my frogs alone! One of those dang herons got one the other day and I grabbed my shotgun and blasted him!" (all in jest, of course)

    My son has yet to tempt a frog at that pond!

    If it's legal and you like to eat frogs it might be a good way to catch a meal, but I've never tried it. I have gigged and shot (with a bowfishing outfit) a few tasty meals of frog legs, though. Can't see where it's any more or less "sporting" than those methods.

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    As a kid my two buddy's and I would take our fly rods down to the local golf course ponds and make money . The pattern was a piece of red wool on a dry fly hook. The technique was called dangling. Hang that red wool in front of any frog and you were in . Many a day filled my newspaper bag on my bike with frogs. And the best part was the fanciest restaurant in town was next to the golf course . Pull up to the kitchen entrance and get paid!
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    Guess what. Here in Missouri there is one thing you must have when taking frogs on a fly. A "FISHING" lisc.. And it's a legal for pursuing the big web foot delacacy. Neat story boz. The largets frogs we've ever encountered was at Salton Sea in socal in the canals around the area. I'm talkin BIG.

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