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Thread: Fish injury

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    I caught this real nice Smallie this weekend. I put up one heck of a battle when I was reeling him in. He ran one way, then another. I caught him right on the edge of some real shallow fast water. I tried to steer him away from the shallow water as he was running, but he got himself into the shallow water and started flipping and flopping on the rocks. You can see where he busted up his scales pretty bad. I wanted to snap a quick shot of him since it was such a nice fish, but I tried to get him back in the water real quick. Do you think he'll survise or is he doomed? I very rarely keep a fish because I hate the thought of killing it.

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    The pic was taken at very high resolution and to get it to the pixel requirements to post, it lost resolution and is a bit blurry. I'm not sure how I could have posted any clearer.
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    That is a very nice fish. It looks really healthy, so i think it will heel with time.

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    When we make the transition from catch and keep to Catch and relese anglers, good things happen in almost every aspect of our sport.Now I'm not saying I am against occasionally taking a couple of fish from water that can support the loss,twice this year I have kept a few trout.I have relesed close to 300 trout since May,and yes there where a few that I know have died.
    Our sport,as serene and calming as it may be,is not without harm.I think it is important to remember that even fishing barbless hook's and practicing proper C&R technique's accident's do happen,no matter of the intention.
    The fish in question.Did it die as a direct result of being caught?,I'm not sure,it doese look like a fair bit of damage,but Bass are a very hardy fish and can handle more than alot of other species.
    To balence out the harm I inflict by pesterig fish and my conscience,I spend a few day's a year trying to make the water's I fish better than I found them,Pick up garbage,volunteer with local wildlife organizations.That way I know for sure that the outdoors are better for having me in them.
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    If you got him back into the water within 30 seconds, and the water was fairly cool, his chances of survival are very good, and you did all you could do.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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