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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    i use a lot of furled leaders so obviously loop to loop on them.
    i like to use a double surgeons knot on mono leaders.



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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Like Casey, I use mainly furled leaders with a loop-to-loop for the tippet.


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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rip Tide View Post
    I'm a loop2loop guy.
    Perfection loop on the leader, non-slip loop on the tippet
    Curious, why not a Perfection on both sides?
    - Rick

    "A leader with great passion and few skills always outperforms a leader with great skills and little passion." Chief Rick Lasky

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    A 3 turn water knot has never failed me.

    But I do prefer a furled leader most of the time and I use an Improve Clinch Knot for that.

    Step by Step here if you need.
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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Surgeons knot meets my requirements (quick, easy, & reasonably strong).

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    I'm not a spring chicken anymore and have hit the "my arms aren't long enough" phase of life. I always wear eye protection when I fly fish (since the day I beaned my eye with a clouser) and all of them have built in cheaters. I have cheaters in every room in the house, My line box, my spey bag, my front left pants pocket, my car, my remote bag in the bedroom, my rod building table, my fly tying table, my ...... everywhere. I do my blood knots without a tool. I start with the lines crossed between my thumb and the finger next to my Karate pinky. . I do four turns and put the line through the hole made by my abused digits and the crossed line. I do the other side by by taking the crossed line and the tag end and clamping them in plact with the other hand and then repeat in the opposite direction. It helps to practice and wear good cheaters. I've got some cheaters that are so powerful I should be able to see through stuff.

    P.S. It's the only knot I trust.

    Quote Originally Posted by fire instructor View Post
    Curious, why not a Perfection on both sides?
    Perfection loops are not even close to 100% strength knots.

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Quote Originally Posted by fire instructor View Post
    Curious, why not a Perfection on both sides?
    Thanks for asking
    In my opinion, the perfection loop is not strong enough for the tippet side... ever

    While the perfection loop is easy to tie and quite slim it's not a strong knot and when you get down to the "X" sizes it can be too weak
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Knot strength estimates are all over the place and hardly ever in agreement. Also, the same knots often go by different namesl.

    For instance, on this website Learn Fishing Knots, the "Water Knot" referred to by Darwin is nothing more than a 4 pass-through overhand knot, whereas a surgeon's knot is a 2 pass-through overhand knot.

    In their own write up on that website, they claim near 100% breaking strength on the surgeon's knot but only 60% breaking strength on the "Water Knot". Like most strength claims, they do not cite any testing proceedures, material used, lube used or anything else.

    The only things I am strongly convinced of after 59 years of tying fishing knots are:

    1) Knots cinched under water are never, ever weaker than those which are cinched after lubing with spit

    2) Knots which are cinched with both tag and main line held as close as possible to the knot are never, ever weaker than those which are cinched when held further away.

    3) Knots which are cinched fully in one smooth, uninterupted move are never,ever weaker than those which show even a micro second of hesitation while being cinched.

    4) Every single spool of leader material should be hand tested till it breaks before it is ever used.

    5) A hook ring and pliers are extremely handy when tying heavy bite tippets.

    6) It is very helpful to learn to tie the most commonly used knots by feel so that they can be tied at night without light or glasses.

    7) added on edit Leader material is cheap relative to everything else. Don't shortchange the tag. Cheers, Jim

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Ok I practiced the blood knot without the tool and .... Argghhhh!!! I NEED to find another option.

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    In the Summer 2010 Issue of Flyfishing and Tying Journal (pgs. 38-40), Dave Whitlock presented an article titled "ONE KNOT"...for all your fly line connections. That knot was the Uni-Knot...

    Double Uni Knot - Instructions

    I have been using it for about 27 years and have never looked back...About eight years ago I also started using these for my leader to tippet connection, mono and flurocarbon:

    I save a lot of money on leaders...

    Daughter to Father, " How many arms do you have, how many fly rods do you need?"

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