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Thread: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Thanks I'll give that a look.

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Quote Originally Posted by planettrout View Post
    In the Summer 2010 Issue of Flyfishing and Tying Journal (pgs. 38-40), Dave Whitlock presented an article titled "ONE KNOT"...for all your fly line connections. That knot was the Uni-Knot...

    Double Uni Knot - Instructions

    I have been using it for about 27 years and have never looked back...About eight years ago I also started using these for my leader to tippet connection, mono and flurocarbon:

    I save a lot of money on leaders...

    Thats a great video and great knot!

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    We tie that knot (only with two wraps each side, rather than five, end-to-end in 7.0, 7.5, 8.0. and/or 9.0 mm static kernmantle cord in 44" and 56" lengths, to make double prusiks for grabbing 1/2" rescue rope. Even in rope rescue that knot is called a double fisherman. Double Fisherman's Knot | How to tie a Double Fisherman's Bend (Grapevine Knot) | Rescue Knots
    - Rick

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    I'll toss in my 2 cents- I know loads of people get very particular about things such as this. Sometimes I think the rituals we go through have more to do with appeasing the fish gods that actually making a gigantic difference.

    In my 20+ I have decided on a couple things- One is I tie my own leaders with Maxima, each section with a blood knot. Mind you I have no real formula, just taper it down with perhaps a tad longer butt sections for heavier weight rods and a more even taper on light weight rods.

    The tippet is set up in a loop to loop, I make the leader end loop with a perfection loop and the tippet loop on 4X or lighter is made with a figure eight knot. My knot choices are this way because I find a figure eight on light tippet to be a stronger knot that a perfection loop. Heavier material and the knot doesn't seem to matter.

    There is a million different ways and they will all work-

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Quote Originally Posted by mcnerney View Post
    Blood knots are probably the best, but for quick and easy on the stream I like the triple surgeons knot, very simple especially with my aging eyes.
    Also try furled leaders with a ring. Good leader performance and generally only two knots away from a repaired leader.

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Hi Russell,

    Where you been?

    attila, I blood knot everything even the tippet. I don't change flies often so I don't worry about changing tippets.


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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    I do loop-to-loop connections with a double surgeon's knot. Otherwise, I just use tippet rings and connect both sections with an Orvis knot.

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    Rivers and furled leaders w/tippet ring, clinch knots work and have plenty of strength. On stillwater, I use the loop to loop. Straight leader with a perfection loop on the leader to main line.
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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    Loop to loop fly line to leader (perfection knots on both sides or existing loops on lines and furled leaders), triple surgeons knot leader to tippet. On furled leaders with a tippet ring, I tie the tippet on with a uni-knot.

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    Default Re: Tippet to Leader Knots ?

    I use a Fast-tye tool and do back to back nail knots. that tool makes these so easy and I rarely have any issues. Its not something that I think would be a good thing to try without the tool though. makes a nice tiny and smooth knot that has both ends coming out nice and straight.

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