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Thread: Campsite Question

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    Ok, I have what may be a stupid question, but I have been told that the only stupid questions are the ones not asked. I have a new truck and cap and will be trying out truck camping for the first time this summer (in a few weeks actually). I have been looking for campsites and realized I don't know the proper protocall. If I am truck camping/sleeping in the back of my truck am I looking to get a tent site or do I have to get an RV site? I'm assuming a tent site, but want to make sure.

    Also, for those of you that camp, can you recommend some good resources/websites that I can use to find suitable campgrounds/sites. Thanks.

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    I'd expect you could get a tent site. Most campgrounds have parking spaces right at the sites so your truck would be parked right at the site. If you want electric & water at your site, you'd have to get a camper site. Check pricing, though. Some campgrounds don't charge much more for those sites as opposed to tent sites. Woodhall and Trailer Life have guide books with very complete listings covering the entire US. There are also state campground associations that put out books listing member campgrounds. You could google that to find those.

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    Default Re: Campsite Question

    I vote tent site, and as has been said checking both state and federal websites for camp grounds near the water will be a help. We just stayed at Hidden Lake camp ground, a federal parks site on the Kenai River and it was 10 dollars per night and perfect. I've stayed at state ran and federally ran campsites in 46 states and 9 Provinces of Canada and almost all were affordable and nice spots.

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    Aaaaa, car camping. All the comforts of home you don't have to carry in your back pack.

    Dining fly over the picnic table, folding chairs, camp stove, big ice chest full of goodies, and a fully stocked "chuck box".
    That's the life.

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    You should get a tent site. I use Campgrounds and Camping Reservations - ReserveAmerica to find a lot of my campsites and make reservations when going to an actual campground.
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    Go to Google Maps and type in: campground. If you zoom in to the area you are interested in even more campgrounds pop up.

    Unless you need electricity, water or latrine hook ups - Or if your truck is 40 feet long - then a tent site should do I would imagine.
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