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Thread: Streamers = Bush League?

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    I fly fish for smallmouth, walleye, perch, muskie, and pike most of the time when I am up in Canada. My area of success in the early season is between 4'-12' of water. I need streamers and weighted flies to attract those fish. If I through a dry fly on top of the water and waited until a pike came to look at it, chances are it will never come in May in Canada.

    Fly fisherman who consider streamers to be bad or "bush league" tend to be purists in my opinion. They want fly fishing to say a stream based sport where you use light rods to target trout and other similar species using drifting or wet flies techniques.

    When I was first introduced to fly fishing I was told by an older gentleman that my flies imitate what the fish eats from small insects to bait fish to other fish. Clearly two of those, the fish, are not top water floating prey.

    Just my take on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OldMan View Post
    We all have our preference in fly fishing. Myself, I love dry flies on small streams. That doesn't mean that's the only way i'll fish. It just means what I like best. I'll talk about more than any other method of fly fishing, but that doesn't mean i'm pushing it on anybody, or it's the only way to fly fish. I just have a passion for it and talk about it more.

    With that said. All fly fishing is good except bait in my eyes. Use what you enjoy, or use what works best. It doesn't matter. It's all good and it's all fly fishing.

    Agreed Sir. Well said.

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    Default Re: Streamers = Bush League?

    Weirdly enough, I'd never tried much in the way of fishing streamers. I started with dries, loved the visual of the fish taking the fly, I could easily detect drag and didn't get hung up 'much'! But, I knew there was a lot to be gained by going under the surface. I found that I'm 'not too good' at nymph fishing! I just can't seem to really get into it and I certainly don't do it well?! (Although I don't avoid it completely).

    If you ever read much into my posts you'll know that I love fishing wets/soft hackles. And I probably use them over 70% of the time. And they work! Usually! But, yesterday was one of those days they didn't. The water was high, pretty cold and the fish were real sluggish. There were no hatches. I was thinking..."shucks, guess I'm going to have to get out the nymphs and splitshot!" (Watching me try to cast a weighted wooly bugger ...........well, I should post it on YouTube!) Then, I saw it! Tucked into a corner of a seldom used fly box were 3 Dark Spruce streamers that I had tied years ago. I even remember thinking, "Gee, they kinda' look like a big wet fly!"

    I kept my sinking tip line on and tied on one of the streamers. I knew they should represent a minnow, but not being sure of the exact way to present them, I went ahead and fished them just like I would have fished a soft hackle. Those streamers saved my day!

    I kept fishing pretty much in the style I've become accustomed to except I used that bigger fly. I even stuck to the faster, broken water that I like so much. First one nice brookie, then a second, then an 18 inch brownie. Lost a few, then 2 more smaller browns! Bush League?! Ha! I guarantee that my soft-hackle selection is now going to have a few streamers added to the set .......and for starters it'll probably be a few more of those Spruce patterns!

    You could call me a new convert. No, I'm not going to abandon my soft hackles but I'm certainly not going to hesitate tying on my new found 'fish enticer' when the wets aren't working!

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