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Thread: Vest or Pack

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    Default Vest or Pack

    I never thought I would want a vest again but now I am reconsidering. I have been using a pack for several years now but am getting tired of my gear always getting wet. What do you all prefer.

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    Both for different things.

    Chest pack for float tubes and going light (ie. hiking, backpacking).

    Vest for everything else.

    I carry my fly rod and a spinning rod in my truck, it just stays in it. Thinking of transferring a few things over to the chest pack so it will take up less room. I generally just prefer the vest, I find it easier to get to stuff, compared to the chest pack.

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    I purchased a pack about six months ago. The Madison Pod pack by Wright & McGill. I love it. I have to say there are times that I wish I had a vest but not very often. I can keep a hydration bladder in my pack as well as snacks and that keeps me from coming back to my truck as often.

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    Default Re: Vest or Pack


    When I have the need to carry a bunch of stuff (coffee / lunch etc) I have a Filson Foul Weather Strap Vest / pack combo. It will hold all I need and has that classic look; the older it gets the better it looks. Not for everyone but worth you taking a look if you have a tackle dealer who carries CC Filson gear.

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    You can't ever go wrong with a Filson vest and here are 3 reasons.

    They have that classic look that I think newer vests just can't achieve.

    The older they get the better they start to look, and by better looking they almost take on more character.

    Thirdly, anything from Filson if taken care of will last you the rest of your life and probably down through your kids. And you don't really even need to give that special of care to a vest.

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    Default Re: Vest or Pack

    I think most would agree with the "it depends" response. I gravitate from vest, to chest pack, to fanny pack, to backpack depending on destination and mood. I am ultimately happy with nothing but a lanyard and a small fly box in my breast pocket.

    I'll put in a plug for my daypack here, a Gregory Miwok, a terrific small technical pack, not made particularly for fishing, but versitile enough to handle it. You won't be camping out of this little thing, but for a day's miscellaneous items, it's perfect. It's not cheap at $99, but Gregory makes a great pack.

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    I still like my deep wading vest, but also like the idea of something between the full vest and a lanyard.
    I've tried a hip pack and although it is very nice, its no good for deep wading and catches line.
    I just bought a Fish Pond chest pack and I think this is gonna be the deal for me.
    I have the 'Arroyo' model and its a nice medium size pack.

    I posted about it on my blog...just 'cause I needed something to say.

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    I have a fishpond bag and recently purchased the Orvis sling pack. Both are nice and work well wif I am fishing in shallow water. But in deapper water its tuf to keep dry. Now I need to pick a vest and most important a size. Go bigger so I can wear with more cloths or get one that works more during summer months.

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    I have been using Cabela's Willow Creek vest I picked up over a year ago. It has done everything I have asked it too with no wear and tear, I am very happy with it. Best part was it cost me $20!

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    I really wanted the fishpond chestpack then realized that bass pro's white river made one that is very similar and half the price. No complaints so far. Not bad looking either.

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