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    Default Pink Weenie Recipe

    Well this is a fly alot of the people on my local forum use. It works great and I know a few of yall were wanting to see it.

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    Orange Kevlar thread
    Ultra Chenille (any color you prefer)
    Lead wrap (Optional)
    Tungsten Bead

    Wrap the shank of the hook until you reach the barb and lay the chenille on the shank pointing torwards the eye and begin to wrap.

    Once to the eye of the hook wrap bag down and make a loop with the chenille and tie it down.

    Wrap the chenille up the hook to the eye, wrap more than once if you want a thicker body.

    Tie it off and lay some head cement. You can also cut the loop to make a single strand tail, both patterns have worked for me.

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    This is just simply a great fly, and I use it extensively in green. I've tied them with red chenille, but haven't used them on the stream. The first weenies I tied were tied with a black bead head like yours, but I began tying them w/o beads. It's tough to say which works best. I also tie the bead head weenies with a pinch of ice chenille (green) for a very sparse collar. I carry 3 fly boxes when fishing: one for streamers and wooly buggers, another for nymphs and dries, and the last is reserved solely for weenies.

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    I'm sending some flies to my buddy in Wyoming. It will include some "pink weenies". Thanks for posting the recipe.

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    Quote Originally Posted by FrankB2 View Post
    This is just simply a great fly, and I use it extensively......I carry 3 fly boxes when fishing: ....... the last is reserved solely for weenies.
    Hard to believe that a pattern that basic is a good fish-catcher. But, I hear the reports - loud and clear. Looks like I'm going to have to tie up a few and give them a try!

    Thanks for posting the photo how-to-tie.


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    It doesn't get much more simple than that.
    Pretty cool!
    How do you fish it?
    As a nymph or streamer?

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    I fish it both ways, usually I just let it dead drift about 8-10 times, and then if no hits I'll proceed in stripping it through the pool.

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    Chris: Thanks for posting the pattern on the pink weenie!
    Hard to believe you can catch trout on that!


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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    The 'green weenie' has been around for years
    It's intended to be a caddis larva, but around here we also use them as an inch worm imitation.
    Pink may be even more of an attention getter
    The simpler the outfit, the more skill it takes to manage it, and the more pleasure one gets in his achievements. --- Horace Kephart

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    Thanks for the photos and recipe! I'll have to try it. I'll bet it also would be easy to tie on a tube.

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    Default Re: Pink Weenie Recipe

    I have used a tandom of green and brown weenie with geat success. Pink sounds great. I often fish these small berkley power worms in pink and they work great.

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