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wolfhfac 03-29-2012 07:03 AM

A good searchtool to look for fishing gear on Craigslist
I use a good search engine to search all of craigslist ads for gear.

I use this website, SearchTempest - The EASY way to search Craigslist

I usually do a search within a 2000 mile radius of my zip-code (I live on the east coast of the US).

Last night, I was searching for fly rods and came upon some recent postings...a couple Sage 2 piece Light Line rods, a Scott G series rod, Orvis Rocky Mountain rod and reel, and other Sage rod models. I'm sure other brands are out there if you use a specific search term(Orvis, Winston, etc.).

Of course, price, relative to condition, is the deciding factor but you sometimes find that one bargain out there.

mcnerney 03-29-2012 09:38 AM

Re: A good searchtool to look for fishing gear on Craigslist
Thanks for the link, that sure makes searching Craigslist a breeze.

Ard 03-29-2012 11:21 AM

Re: A good searchtool to look for fishing gear on Craigslist
Good ways to find bargains on tackle are always welcome but I would caution people that craigs list is a notorious place for all sort of scammers. This is not to say, 'don't do it' but rather to take every precaution that you can to protect yourself from a bad experience.

When contacting persons selling fly tackle ask questions with the intent of finding out whether the seller is familiar at all with the items for sale. If the seller can speak fluently about tackle then the items may actually be their own and the reason for sale should be disclosed. If the seller doesn't have a clue about the rod or reel etc, then you must have some doubts of the origin of the items being offered.

Lastly you must be sure that the item is going to be delivered when you pay. This may be the most difficult aspect of an internet based sale conducted with an unknown entity.

Good luck and be careful,


wolfhfac 03-29-2012 11:55 AM

Re: A good searchtool to look for fishing gear on Craigslist
I agree with Hardy. But I'm an experienced bargain hunter so I'm willing to take the risk.

I would not necessarily cast doubt on someone selling tackle who exhibit little clue as to what they are selling. It could be someone selling tackle from a deceased spouse/relative and they are no expert on fly fishing stuff....or the wife and husband going through a divorce and the wife is selling the husbands tackle as payback:p I just have a feeling that when people scam items on craigslist, they are more likely to scam items that are the hottest and latest consumer items (e.g electronics). Fly fishing tackle is a very very niche market.

In any case, you always have to be vigilant. It's caveat emptor on the second hand market so it's up to you to decide how much risk you want to take (buying stuff from a distance vice seeing it in person) but for those that are experienced bargain hunters, I just thought this search engine was a very good comprehensive tool to use.

Good luck.

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