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    Hi jason is your head spinning yet?

    You asked if you could! well I have seen video's of 10 and 12 ft rods with spin reals and they get great distance. But not likely to be accepted around these parts of the internet!!!
    Between floating line, intermediate sink line, and full sink line u will have more than u need no mono no braid! Backing is generally dacron, 20 lbs or 30 lbs, for saltwater we use gel spun backing.

    your leader is tapered so when casting the energy is transfered down the line so it will turn over (lay out flat), other wise it will have a hinge or get tied in a not( windnot). the leader is say 9' long the last 3 feet would be your tippit. after a few flys have been changed, lost, exct. you now have less than a foot, now you can add tippit material to extend the leader and not have to buy or replace the actual leader. I prefer perfection loop in fly line to leader, most come that way, but easy to ty if not.

    i will move down and try to answer a nother ? or so

    have fun or your journey
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    so... if im going to go on fishing trips with a fly reel, a spinning reel, and a rod that can use both.. would it be better to use a spinning rod blank or a fly rod blank to construct the rod?... i have no problem making the grip, finding the spine, or wrapping the guides.. ive done work like this before on other rods i use so making a rod is something id be able to do...

    ive seen some larger flies that work like bass/pike lures... are these used the same way as the smaller flies or is there a different technique for catching these fish with fly gear?

    also, fly rod or spinning rod blank for the convertible rod?

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    one more thing.. i tie the end of the fly line in a perfection loop i believe, tie a perfection not onto the beginning of the leader and connect the leader to the line this way so its easily replacable without cutting the main line....

    should i tie the other, fly end of the leader into a perfection loop as well for attaching the tippet?.. then i could get some tippet material and make multiple tippets, tie one end in a perfection loop to connect to the leader, and the other end tied to a fly as normal...

    then i could just undo the fly, and the tippet that works best for the fish its intended for, and connect another fly/tippet set to the leader with the same perfection loop?

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    I would ay the fly rod bland because the spin rod would not load or flex enough to cast a fly line, keep in mind as mentioned the fly rod will not have the back bone of a bait caster

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    tippit to leader = improved surgions knot
    line to leader = perfection loop
    line to backing = albright or weld

    [ame=]Fly Fishing Basics : How to Add Tippet to the Fly Fishing Line - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Fly Fishing Knots, The Albright Knot. Backing to Fly Line. - YouTube[/ame]
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    Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?

    Go with a two handed switch rod or a 8wt or larger rod with a fighting butt for a blank. That should do well I would think.

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    Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?


    When fly casting, as others have said, you're casting the line and the fly (which is essentially weightless) just goes along for the ride

    This is different than casting lures or bait and a weight of some sort (split shot or sinkers) where the weight of the lure or split shot is used to propel the cast and the light mono line goes along for the ride.

    You might be able to cast VERY light lures with a fly rod and spinning reel with mono line, but if you intend to do that you'd be much better off with a spinning set up. Fly rods are generally too wimpy to allow you to lay into a cast and whip lures out there and since the reel below the grip, it's a bit awkward.

    Keep in mind that there all kinds of flies. A lot of the lures you might use with other types of gear baitcasting or spinning match up with differnt types of fly patterns. For example you could bloop a Jitterbug across the surface for bass with a spinning or baitcasting outfit, or you could use a popper on a fly rod. You could use a spin or baitcast outfit to throw a Mepps spinner or a Rapala Minnow or use a fly rod to cast a Woolly Bugger or a streamer.

    Generally fly fishing is not a cast and let sit kind of thing-- usually you cast out and "mend" the fly line to get a natural drift if you're on moving water like a river or stream. If you're fishing still water like a pond or lake, generally you cast out and retrieve the fly with short strips so it looks like a living thing.

    If you decide to shop around for a fly rod outfit (rod, reel, fly line, and backing) keep in mind that the fly reel is not as important as a reel might be in spinning or baitcasting, a decent fly rod and fly line are more important than the reel -- unless your chasing tuna.

    The good news is that there are a lot of excellent choices out there n your price range. As jhammer recommended a 9 foot "6 weight" rod should be a good match for you. The designation "6 weight" refers to the weight of the fly line the rod is designed to cast. You'll want a modern (not silk) fly line to start-- it'll be less expensive and less maintenance. If you buy and outfit, it'll be included and probably already rigged up for you (with backing attached to reel, fly line attached to backing and maybe a leader attached to fly line.

    To get a better idea of the difference between tippets and leaders and the roles they each play in fly fishing here's a link to the topic from our FAQ section:

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    iaflyguy, wouldnt that be a spey rod then?... but yeah, i should be able to make a convertible grip section for fly/spin.. maybe get one of those 6 piece rods so i can take it all apart and fit it in my tackle box along with the fly and spinning reel.. if the rod snaps i can just salvage all my parts from it and place them on a new blank

    so... if i use a perfection loop for the line to leader connection, i wouldnt need a tippet? just replace the leader when it gets short?...

    but what if i wanted different materials for different flies?.. maybe a tippet that floats, a tippet that sinks, a steel one for pike, i could get the raw line and make tippets that work best for individual flies... maybe not long tippets, but maybe 8-12 inches... my idea was to do this so i can quickly remove one fly/tippet combo for another when one setup isnt working right, without having to tie anything, and while preserving the leader

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    anyway.. right now im reading up on different flies and how theyre used... so i can get an idea of what might work here, and how to work it... one problem i have is this river has a ton of brush around it... so i dont have much room behind me... so im looking at techniques for casting that i can use with my back to a wall and no room beside me

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    Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?

    Jason, yep that would be a spey rod.
    If you are making your own rod, and you have access to the right machinary, you could make a standard fly rod with a tapped end and switch between a fighting butt when fly casting and an extra grip for when your spincasting.
    Its tricky though, cause you still have the problem of rigidity of the flyrod to handle spincasting. A lot of engineering needed. Personally, I would pick up a telescoping rod from Walmart and call it a day.
    You could probably get away with a perfection loop from line to leader and forget the tippet (depending on species), but I usually prefer to go from a leader to a tippet even if they are both the same mono material. Its easier to switch flies that way I have found. Welded loops on a fly line aren't that big and shoving a fly through it could be fun.
    Your sort of on the right track with the tippet. It doesnt have to be really long. Mine sometimes are quite short depending on how long Ive been using it.
    But your right, you can have 5 flies with 5 tippets and be changing them quickly as needed on site. You can have them all prepared before you go out that way your not tying at the water. That is one of the most useful things to me about the tippet. My leader always stays intact and ready to go.

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    my spinning rod is basically two handed anyway.. about 8" grip with another 5 inches above the reel seat.... dont see any reason why i couldnt have a reel seat between two equal length pieces of grip and use it as both a spey and a spin rod... i mean, with most fish being over 24" here a spey style rod for fighting them would probably be best... and i wouldnt have to switch the grip in any way.. just fix it to the blank like i normally would

    anyway.. youtube has some pretty interesting videos on techniques, knots, and fly tying information... how to make certain flies, why certain colors or materials are used, etc... and no, its not overwhelming me, lure fishing has just as much variety and technique, theyre just different techniques and different lures so i dont think it would be entirely hard to transition

    fishing on a river it seems a lot easier.. because this river moves sort of fast... i could cast up stream with the fly rod, let it float down stream then lift the rod up, and with a flick of the wrist i could pull the line out and drop it upstream again... so i think this will work nicely for fishing these rivers, better than anything i could do with my spinning rod/reel...

    so i think ill focus on these river techniques first since its where i do most my fishing.. and probably start out with a variety set of flies to get an idea of what works best here while i learn to tie my own

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    hmm... was checking out fly rods and yeah.. it would appear i could just custom-build the fighting butt to be long enough to get a full hand onto and thatll be good enough for the occasional spinning reel use... give me some leverage too if i need it

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    for the leader/tippets... i could just buy an inexpensive filler-spool of 20lb monofilament to make the leader and maybe 15lb for tippets.. right?.. so that should anything actually break itll be the tippet, not my fly line

  9. Default Re: i may begin fly fishing... questions and advice?

    well... i looked at cabelas, they have a rod/reel combo with pretty good review... so i think im going to oder that, 30lb backing, 8wt WF line, 20lb monofilament for the leaders... and then different materials for the tippets depending on what im fishing for... but probably a material that can stand up to pike, and other toothed fish... also, i found a kit with various materials needed to make a bunch of different types of flies.. figure thatll be a good start with fly tying

    was looking at some casting moves, and i think the roll cast would be most useful in the area i fish since i fish around bushes, or without much room behind me....

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