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  1. Default Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    Hi, I am new to this forum just as I am new to the sport of fly fishing. I am currently enrolled in a class on the subject, but I am looking to purchase my own rod and reel outfit. Right now I have two options in mind:

    Redington Pursuit Combo 4pc 9' 6wt
    Cabela's Wind River Rod 4pc 9' 6wt w/ Cabela's Prestige Plus Fly Reel

    The Redington comes with a case and prespooled line/backing and I can get it for about $150.

    The Cabela's Rod and Reel are both currently on sale and will run about $65. However I will need to purchase line, backing, leaders, and tippet material, bringing the total up to $140. This will not come with a case as far as I can tell.

    I feel like the Cabela's product is a better deal, getting to pick my own line and getting some extra backing and leaders out of it all. However I like the Pursuit rod more than the Wind River. I've always had good experience with Cabela's products and feel like I get a good bang for my buck, especially when they are on sale (as they are now). And I feel like the wiser choice would be going for the better deal.

    Does anyone have any advice, insight into these product lines, or reccomendations they would like to share?

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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    Well hello there I myslf started with a reddington crosswater combo wich is like a step down from the pursuit. I highly reccomend it from my experience you get some real quality for a decent price. I now also have their re2fly combo as well and love it. For cabelas you should read the reviews on it or maybe see what brand manufactures it. In the end go with your gut but im sure some more people will chip in to help you reach a more informed decsion. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    I have two cabelas rods, and I beat the living shinola out of them almost daily. They seem to take my abuse very well (jammed into trees, fallen on, banged with split shot and cone heads). I did break one cabelas RLS rod 1st cast out of the box, but they sent a replacement no questions asked within a week. The replacement has now landed me a 26" carp, a few 20"+ trout, and numerous bass (see dream stream thread in coldwater for the trout).
    I have a cabelas RLS reel that came with the RLS rod. Seems okay, cheap metal, nice drag control range, pretty design. Time will tell, but I think the nice drag is most important.
    The lines that come with the packages are dirt cheap, but I use them until they die anyway. I hate to say it but expensive fly lines do work well, especially when you start trying to cast further or shoot streamers.
    I have a redington surge 3/4wt reel. Very nice for the cost, with a wide range of drag setting. Matched with a 7'6" 3wt TFO pro, this has become my favorite creek rod for around town.
    I have reddington sonic pro waders. I have beat the living criminy out of these waders for the last two years, often they don't even dry out between uses. They have developed some wear spots, but no real holes yet. I have a pair of frog togs too, but I really like the reddingtons, and will wear them until they die...

    Good brands in my opinion, and affordable for us little guys, good luck! Keep an eye on fleabay for good deals too.

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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    I have some Cabelas rods, nice. The very best thing about anything bought a Cabelas, is that stand behind their equipment. $140 is not much to spend on flyfishing equipment, so I don't think you can go wrong with either. Enjoy fishing & enjoy learning how to cast...

  6. Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    I had a Cabela's rod and reel, they were surprisingly nice. But I agree, GET A GOOD LINE! There are tons of sales on Good line. What are you fishing for that you want a 6 wt if I may ask.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joni View Post
    I had a Cabela's rod and reel, they were surprisingly nice. But I agree, GET A GOOD LINE! There are tons of sales on Good line. What are you fishing for that you want a 6 wt if I may ask.
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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the forum, I don't have experience with either rod so can't give advice on them. I just spotted your post and thought to say hello. I hope you will continue to post with us and that you will find many answers here to your questions as you grow into fly fishing. It sounds like you live in a good area for a variety of fishing opportunities.


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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    I have the Wind River 4 weight, and it's a fine rod, especially for an under $100 rod. I also own the Prestige Plus reel - and my only complaint is it's a little heavy for it's size.

    I don't have any first hand experience with that Redington model, aside from wiggling it at the store.

    FWIW - I found my Wind River casts best with a Scientific Angler's line vs. Cortland. If you opt for the Cabela's brand line (which, IIRC is OEM by Scientific Anglers now) - get the Prestige Premier or Prestige Plus line - I have a standard Prestige, and there's some rods it doesn't perform as well on as the others.

    You could also get the Airflo Supple EX fly line which is on sale at Cabela's now for $30 (half price). Airflos are excellent lines.

    A Wind River rod, Prestige Plus Reel, Airflo Supple EX line, 100 yards of backing will set you back just a couple bucks over $100.

    Or you could get the Wind River combo - which is the Wind River rod, Wind River reel (same weight, larger arbor than the Prestige Plus) plus line and backing for $80 right now - tho the website only shows 4 and 5 weight combos. The 5 would honestly cover trout, panfish, and smallmouth fishing very well.

    Either way, that leaves you extra cash for say, more flies/leaders/shot/indicators, or you can get a spare spool for your reel and an intermediate or sink tip line for still water fishing.
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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    Figuring the prestige plus reel typically runs $60, though it is on sale for $25 right now, you are basically getting the rod for free at this point. I own a couple Cabelas Rods, the wind river 4 piece 5/6 is one of them, and it is a decent rod. I do own an older redington rod, 3 wt, FSF - it is a very nice rod, but, not the same rod you are looking at, and it was originally priced at $300 (I got it for ~$90 on closeout), so I can't compare to the one you are looking at. I can say that the Cabelas rods are decent starter rods, and that I have no complaints about the ones I own and fish with on a regular basis. I will say the cabelas rods are better than the SA starter kit rods, and the Prestige Plus Reel is a decent reel for the money.

    If I were to pick I would go with the Cabelas combo and with the sales going on right now, I think, as flymark says, you could put together a pretty good combo (rod and Reel $65), buy an airflo line, and have the nice folks at Cabelas spool it up for you (they will put the backing on, and put the line on the reel for the cost of the backing), add 9foot 5x leaders (less than $10 bucks for a 3 pack) and your off and fishing.

    As always, YMMV,

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    Default Re: Beginner Help: Redington vs Cabela's

    Hate to say it, (had a warranty issue with Cabela's - they would NOT honor the warranty on a rod that was one week out of warranty ) but the Cabela's is a good deal.

    The Redington is also a good outfit!
    I bought a Redington Crosswater outfit for my son and it's not bad at all!

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