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    Default Re: For our Visitors & Guests Viewing the Threads;

    There are two real "beauties" to joining this forum. First, it's one of the best on the fly-fishing planet! And, two? It is one of the best because of the people who call this site "home." An angler would be hard-pressed to find a more generous, caring collection of fellow "fly wranglers" anywhere...

    So, to all who decide to join? A heartfelt welcome to the forum!! To those just considering it? Hang around awhile... This forum, like fly fishing or fly tying is one of the best "addictions" for satisfying the need for all things "fly..."

    Jerry, aka hairwing530

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    Default Re: For our Visitors & Guests Viewing the Threads;

    I agree with all the wonderful reasons for joining this site. The expertise of the membership is second to none. But I would clarify that it's okay to register and sell products as long as you register and sell as a business member.

    $150 for 3 months as a business member is actually a bit high relative to other marketing channels. And believe me, I know all the tips and tricks at this point. But I stay a business member because I've come to respect a lot of guys on the forum. Even though I own a fly shop, I still pick up a lot of tips and tricks from these guys. I don't always respond because I'm busy as hell trying to keep my business going and selling/tying just ahead of high season. But I do read the forum as a non-seller too....

    Finally, I'd ask those who don't like seeing solicitations from paid business members to remember who we are. We're your friends. You fish next to us on a crowded Sunday morning. You hit that favorite coffee stand on the way to that favorite spot just as we do. We LOVE this sport. It's in our blood. That's why my son has had a rod in his hand since he was 3. And probably most important, we listen to you. We're not the "weekend sales guy" at the big box stores. We help clean up the rivers. We preach conservation. We fight for public stream access. And we try to do our part to make sure everyone has an amazing time on the river.

    I know 95% of the membership gets this. For the other 5%, please dont judge us too harshly. God bless to all. And a special thank you to our customers and friends.

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    Default Re: For our Visitors & Guests Viewing the Threads;

    I do not post often on this forum, but I do read a lot of great information-thanks to everyone for sharing in their knowledge, love and protection of our natural resources. I would also suggest a $35 yearly membership to Trout Unlimited-great organization.

    "It is ourselves that we conquer, not the mountain." Sir Edmund Hillary, 1959

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