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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    Grumbles. I should of waited for my hip hip hoorays.
    On 4/27 I received an email that I was going to get a replacement for a dry creek hip pack that started peeling apart on one side. 5/23 still waiting, last email.

    Yes I'm glad they are doing the right thing but replacing a defective product with a premium price tag shouldn't take this long.
    I paid a premium for a pack that performed like something that shouldn't of seen the end of the QC line and then I get punished by spending a month and a half waiting for a replacement.

    My 4 month freestones boots have the vibram soles peeling off the boots (Premium boots??) and I want to send them in to get replaced. Not looking forward to spending two months for them to make it right.

    Am I out of line in my grumblings? I hope not, I'm just venting my frustrations.

    I sent Redington my waders because they were having problems and they had a new pair in the mail my way in 48 hours. Allen Fly Fishing had a rod tip replaced in under a week. I know what good customer service is supposed to look like and Simms is still failing to deliver.

    Bah Humbug

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    Interesting Carl.

    To be honest the only thing I have with the name "Simms" on same is a lumbar supporter (works as advertised) but do know lots of folks who swear by their DAMNED EXPENSIVE gear.

    Have to admit, some have had 'problems' but without exception the 'lets make this right' appears to have been exceptional. You're a one off?

    Call and ask for the President and have a short (be very nice) chat?
    When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost. - Billy Graham"

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    I remember an earlier comment that Ard had made about writing a letter and I think I am going to go that route. I'm a levelheaded fellow but I don't always trust myself to art-i-cu-late myself properly on the spot.

    I think the problem that leads to my (i believe to be) out of characteristic rantings in this thread is because I want to, and believe I can, really enjoy the products. I don't expect every product to be perfect but I hear all these stories of people treated right and I wonder what I did to **** someone off.

    Regarding Simms waders, while my Redington's were off getting right I dusted off my worn to hell and back and slightly (understatement, but I usually seem to end up falling in so wet's wet) leaky G3's and it was like long lost love. The material feels lighter and more comfortable and the fit is better and the pocket is sized oh so right and right that moment I knew I was going to have to get myself a new pair of Simms.

    So they haven't lost me, I just don't have anyone else to complain too. I'll write a letter and let them know I've been a bit disappointed and I hope this is the exception and not the norm but a guy can't endure it for too much longer and still be able to justify the brand.
    (we all know the little lady really cares, she just pretends to be annoyed)

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    Sorry that you are having the delayed experience too. I just got my daughter a set of Headwater waders. Unless there are any major issues I won't be sending them back for the one year check up. Finding holes is easy in goretex. I had a couple of small holes in the shin area that I fixed, simms found a couple of pinholes up around the chest back area. I never noticed any water spots on my clothes or I would have fixed them myself.

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    Simms waders are the best, no doubt. And made in MT too. But they are expensive as all get out and no more resistant to the pitfalls of thorns and barbed wire than "standard" Chinese waders (virtually everyone elses). We have two pairs of G3's that Simms instructed not to send back again as they can't patch patches. If you buy less costly waders from a co. noted for cust. serv. like Orvis, Patagonia, etc. you loose the fine fabric hand and tailoring of Simms along with the important made in USA virtue but get superior long term service and spend less $.

    A fishing buddy just brought his leaky waders into his local Patagonia shop and they said,"goodness gracious, we have to replace and upgrade those...and your boots look funky too, please accept these new and improved versions on us". OK, fine. And I got more years out of a $150 pair of off-shore Albright waders than out of any Simms I've owned and the only thing I really missed were the micro-fleece-lined hand warmer pockets. I like that Simms went back to felt-soled boots though, the only way to go.

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    I can't say enough good things about LL Bean customer service when it comes to waders. I bought their Gore-Tex Bomber waders when they first came out, and two years later I found a seam leak right before a fishing trip to the wilderness in Canada. They Fed-Exed me a replacement pair so I would have them for the trip and said just to mail back the bad ones after I got home. Then, a few years after that, the replacements eventually started to leak at the neoprene bootie toe. I couldn't fix it with Aqua Seal so I asked Bean to repair them. Instead they gave me a merchandise credit that was almost exactly the same as the (discounted) sale price they were offering on their Helix waders (which replaced the Bomber model but aren't Gore-Tex). It's been two years in the Helixes now with no problems, and more than 10 since that first pair of Bombers! What a way to buld customer loyalty. Now I make it a point to buy my pants and shirts at LL Bean, too, even though you can buy those anywhere.

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    Default Re: Simms customer service

    That 1st. gen, imersion tech, G-Tex, US built Bean wader was the "bomb". Best waders I ever owned and that perferated neoprene yolk suspender, the most comfortable... After an influx of very good Korean waders, I am told that all (but Simms) waders come from one city somehwere in China using either stolen from Gore membrane technology or less costly coatings. The US brand specifies price point and features and they are on their way much like laptop computers (you didn't think Dell or Apple made thier own did you?)

  8. Default Re: Simms customer service

    I have always heard great things about Simms service. I am now worried since I just recently got a pair of the cheaper Gore-Tex waders...

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