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View Poll Results: Have you learned to cast with your non-dominant hand?

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    Default Casting with your non dominant hand

    I was out in the back yard today working on my casting, mostly with my non-dominant hand (that would be my left hand). Strangely enough, I have an easier time casting with my left hand than my right. I generally "muscle" it with my right hand, its something I am working on. Anyway it got me to thinking, how many people have taken the time to learn to cast with their non-dominant hand?

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    last summer i sprained both my wrists in a bike crash, the dominant worse than the non dominant. I had fishing trip planned for the weekend after the crash, and went fishing, casting on a very weak and sore dominant arm, and i still think i was better than i'll ever be with my full strength non dominant hand!

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    I don't cast with my left hand...because I very often use backhand casting and enjoy itA friend of mine uses both can be useful in very special situations

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    Even though I have worked at this over the years I need to re-train myself every time I want to cast left handed. The casting is not as good as when using my right but gets better with practice. I've found that I can Spey cast better than one hand casting when I switch sides.

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    i also use a back hand cast when needed, works fine for me.



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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    Short answer is yes indeed

    Long answer is I didnt have to train, fortunately for me I have 2 things working in my favor.

    1) Very Ambidextrous
    2) Broke both arms so many times between ages 5-12, see very ambidextrous

    I am "left handed", golf righty, shoot rifles / pistols righty, shoot Bow and Arrow lefty, throw baseball / football righty, bat lefty. Holding the rod in my right hand feels natural probably due to use left hand to control the line and run the spool.

    Hoever it never fails the hole I want to fish in always seem like it requires a left handed cast fishing up stream right handed cast, fishing downstream lefty cast.
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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    A pal of mine underwent a few rotator cuff surgeries and convinced me that being able to cast effectively with either hand is a good tool to have in your bag of tricks.
    Spending time practicing in the park allows plenty of time to work out all sorts casting techniques. Sure one can use a back cast presentation or the across the-body-cast but to be able to switch hands comes in mighty handy at times. It's well worth the practice IMHO.
    Since casting off-hand doesn't come natural or easy for me, the way I practice is to get the rhythm and feel down using the dominent hand then tranfer the rod to the non-dominent hand mid-stroke.

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    I'm not as good left handed, but I can cast "ok" I started doing this when I found myself in situations on the river where a left hand cast was needed.

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    Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    Interesting thread. I am a dominant hand caster(right), but like the OP have been working on improving my casting as of late. When I am casting and seem to hit a "snag" in my delivery or technique, I have found myself switching to my left hand in order to work out my issue. I am not as smooth and could certainly benefit from time spent casting lefty but have found that when I make the switch it gives me the perspective I was missing in my dominant hand. Make the switch back and it seems to work itself out.
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  10. Default Re: Casting with your non dominant hand

    On small streams I fishing that being able to cast with my left arm allows me to make casts that I couldn't with my right.

    When saltwater fishing, being able to cast lefty allows me to cast when the wind is coming from my right. Also, I can rest my right arm and take stress off my shoulder and elbow.

    To help me become a better left-handed caster, I used to practice throwing a ball with my left hand. Also, I always try to wash dishes with my left hand.


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