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    Default Question about Kentucky...

    There is a chance that I will have a business opportunity that could take me and my family to Mayfield Kentucky, just south of Padukah, for a few years. Can anyone tell me anything about that area? Is there any Trout fishing? There is a lot of water in the area so I assume that there is some bass and pan fishing. How about quality of life? It is just my wife and I so the schools are not much of a concern.
    Thanks for any information any of you may be able to offer.

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    Default Re: Question about Kentucky...

    Hi sam4smu,

    You will be close to Bass heaven in Mayfield. East of Mayfield is Kentucky Lake and Barkley Lake. These lakes offer lots of big Bass. Fishing will be hard without a boat but not impossible. I can't tell you where to fish as I only know them by reputation.

    It is unfortunate but if you are really serious about Bass fishing in these lakes fly fishing is not the best choice. You can catch Bass and lots of Pan fish with the fly rod but the serious Bass fisher uses Spinning and Casting rods. They cast big lures and rigs that weigh from a 1/4 ounce up to an ounce and a half with everything in between. I love Fly Fishing and enjoy catching Bass or Bluegill on the fly but when I am after big Bass I switch to other gear.


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    Default Re: Question about Kentucky...

    As a Jayhawk, I can tell you that Kentucky is &@#^ good at basketball.... LOL. (I never expected KU to beat UK-- but they actually got my hopes up in the waning minutes of the game... )

    google it-- you can always check wiki-- but, take it with a grain of salt. It appears to be a dry county- so I could take up residency there... for a few hours, at least.

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    Default Re: Question about Kentucky...

    lake Barkley is a great lake Kentucky has a state park with lodge camping and a boat dock with boat rentals good food nice rooms good fishing around the lake around the state park . great crappie and bass fishing.

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    Default Re: Question about Kentucky...

    I am 30 miles south of Louisville so i really cant say much about the LBL and western KY fishing. what has been posted already is spot on, the large lakes there are know for good fishing, but best done on boat. I would asume the creek at the Shawnee Nat forest in MO would be a good trip from there to. Its kinda of funny even where I am, fly fishing is a small group, I fish creeks for bass, gills, cats, trout.. I dont really target much, just hope to catch bass. lots of bait dunkers here too. kentucky lake and barkley have HUGE cats, but you wont be using flygear. good luck. Ill be glad to help if I can.

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    Default Re: Question about Kentucky...

    I live in Mt. Sterling which is in the central part of the state. You will be in good bass waters, however, I do believe that the tail waters of Barkley and KY lake are stocked with trout. Further, you can look on the fish and wildlife management departments website to see what streams are close to you that are stocked. (KY is, unfortunately, a put and take state, with only a handful of catch and release streams that contain the rare brookie or two.) Just google KY fish and game, look under the fishing tab, and select trout waters, it should have a list of stocked streams, by county.

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