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A very beautiful spot on the planet! It's like a cross between some places I've been in the west / southwest and Alaska. Just beautiful Allan, I'm very familiar with the silted rivers and some of those looked like home What were the temperatures like, I ask because they should be sliding into fall as we are marching toward springtime here.
Ard, you're right, the seasons are flipped in Chile compared to the US; it was the equivalent of our late September when we were there; at about 3,000-4,000 ft. altitude. Early mornings were in the upper 30's, mid-day 65-75 and evenings in the 50's. Really comfortable fishing temps for me.


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I also forgot to mention the gear that worked best for us on those Rivers.

We took 5 wts. and 7 wts. and reels with both floating and sink tip lined spools. The 5 wts. did most of the work; dries and dry/dropper rigs, while the 7 wts. worked well for casting large streamers into the wind.

I forgot to mention this, but there's an almost constant wind in that part of Patagonia; not the 20+ knots that you get on the flats, but enough to get your casting sharpened up in a hurry; especially when you're fishing the canyons, high-sided banks and a long run of open river.

Most of the flies that work well for us here; Elk hair caddis, parachute Adams, Light Cahills, etc. also work well there. Same thing for streamers; Woolly Buggers, Matukas, Muddlers, etc. We swung a few heavy double hook streamers, but they didn't seem any more effective than the standard streamers above.

It was a lot of fun catching native fish. They don't stock trout in Chilean Patagonia, it's all catch and release fishing and most of the flies that you buy down there are barbless. Backwards roads, but clearly forward-thinking policies and practices already in place regarding fly fishing.

The lamb was cooked by a gaucho. He came on horseback, with the slaughtered lambs, set up the racks, the smoke fires and the whole works. He didn't speak a word of English, but he smiled a lot and so did we.