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FISHN50 10-22-2007 11:46 AM

Hi Guys
I just picked up a used Teton Reel with an 8 wt shooting head setup at a garage sale. The reel & line are in good condition but I probably will take off the shooting line. The Question is .... He had that Nylon Braid " Spider Wire Line" for Backing. I plan on using this for Bonefishing in a few weeks & I'm wondering if I should leave the spider wire line on or is it safer to replace it.
You guys are great & have answered a lot of questions for me in the past so here's one more...

BigCliff 10-22-2007 12:22 PM

Re: Backing
My answer may sound like one from a politician: Taking that backing off would definitely be safer, but you might want to leave it on.

Reasons to take it off and replace it with regular dacron-type backing: The spiderwire stuff is so strong, if it gets looped around your finger while the fish is running, it actually can lop off a finger. (picture a superheated wire cutting plastic or something like that) The stuff also seems a little more prone to digging down into itself than standard backing, but with some care, this can be pretty fully avoided.

Reasons to leave it on there: There is no other way to get the maximum backing length capacity on a given fly reel. If you are going to be after huge bones wading on foot, having as much backing as possible might be wise. Some would say that 100 yds of backing is plenty for bones, I would say 150 yds is a pretty safe amount to have to work with. However, if you hook into a Permit, a Jack, or something else large with that 8wt rod, 150 yds may get you nothing more than cussing and frustration.

So, its your call.

Frank Whiton 10-22-2007 03:39 PM

Re: Backing

I think you will like that TIOGA reel. The backing could be a problem unless you know for sure what is on the reel. Make sure the backing is braided and not fused. You do not want it to be too small in diameter. The Super Braids are made from Spectra® Fiber and not nylon. It should be at least 30lb and could be as much as 50lb. The smaller diameter of the Super Braids contributes to its ability to cut you. You have to be careful with your knots. The material is very slick and the knots will slip if not tied correctly. If you tie a uni knot with 5 wraps of mono you may need 9 or 10 wraps with super braid. This is one application where a dab of Knot-Sense or Super Glue may be appropriate if your knots slip.

One problem of keeping the backing on the reel is you don't know what you have. I would take a piece down to Wal Mart and compare it to the lines there. Match up the diameter of a similar line and that will tell you what weight the line is.

You need to be aware of the safety aspects of using a Super Braid. If you are careless it will cut you like a knife. When playing a fish you should be on the reel by the time you get into your backing. You should keep playing the fish from the reel and don't try to strip in or grab the backing by hand. Other than that it is great line with no stretch.


bonefish41 10-22-2007 07:15 PM

Re: Backing
Make sure it's not fused as frank to find out take a small piece see if you can split the parallel strands with a needle after scraping off the coating that are fused if so lose... it if not mike it and compare diameter with spectra line should use 50 or 65 spectra
you do not need more than 150-200 yds

what teton model have you regular or tioga? and what size?

bonefish41 10-22-2007 07:20 PM

Re: Backing
Just saw you are going bonefishing...well your are probably going to spend 1000 to 2000 on the trip if so get new backing 65 lb spectra set the drag at 1.5 lbs
don't save 20 bucks on backing also IMHO use RIO's bonefish floating 0r cortland 444 tropic plus

aroostookbasser 10-23-2007 06:20 AM

Re: Backing
I'ld leave it if it isn't brittle, check the flex and go from there.

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