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    Default Another question

    I keep reading "technical trout stream", "technical vest". What does this mean? I have searched here and on the net and found no definition. So what does it mean?

    Len S

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    In what context are you finding these terms? Technical vest almost sounds like nothing more than marketing hype-- a technical stream could be any number of different things-- several currents in the same lane, low overhanging brush/ branches, anything that could make a stream (more) difficult to fish would be what I would call 'technical'.

    There may be a more specific thing that this refers to, but I am not familiar with it.

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    To me technical stream or water means very wary and picky fish in clear water. An example would be Silver Creek, ID outside of Hailey. It is the most difficult water I have ever fished. It is the type of water that schools even accomplished fly fishers.

    Somewhat different technical water would be New Zealand where the fish are big and wary and need to be stalked. It is the kind of water where you may just get one cast and you are done.

    A technical vest to me means something else. It means a vest made of high tech materials and using innovative construction methods that make for a light, comfortable, and expensive vest.


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    Thanks all it makes sense kind of. Raindogt, I saw,heard, it on sippin dries, they called the Missouri a technical river and Tom Rosenbauer used it in a pod cast as a place not to take a new fly fisher. It have also heard it used in reference to fishpond vests.

    Thanks again

    Len S

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