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    I'm interested in using the the czech nymph technique. I got a chance to try it once but a that time it was just a curiosity because there was a feeding frenzy on several dry fly hatches. Needless to say I concentrated on using a dry fly that day.... Anyways, the issue is that in our local regs we are not allowed to use droppers. One fly per line only. I'm wondering how much the czech nymphing technique depends upon the multiple flies. too be honest, when I heard about czech nymphing and how effective it is I was really interested. Then when I found out that they are using 3 flies per line, I started to wonder what aspect of the czech nymphing was the crucial part: the fishing technique or the tackle (3 flies).


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    Well, its a combo of the method and the files themselves. The flies used for czech nymphing have lead bodies molded onto the hook and are quite heavy. One normal beadhead nymph likely wouldn't be heavy enough to get down deep in turbulent water on its own.

    In situations like that, I would use a heavy bounce nymphing rig with only one fly on a dropper. The idea is that you have a short dropper off of the leader with an unweighted fly and shot out on the far end. Search " bounce nymphing" on this forum and you'll get tons of info.

    Props to Larry Tullis for spreading the word on the marvelous technique.

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