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  1. Default Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    I know there are probably a ton of these threads daily so I apologize but I have done a lot of reading and need some help.

    I have never fly fished before but it has always interested me so I have decided I want to get a rod. My brother recently bought an Orvis setup which kind of spurred me to get a rod as well.

    I know that I should go to a store and handle different rods to get a feel which I am going to do but I wanted some input and advice.

    I dont really want to spend more than 250 and I will be fishing for bass, bluegill, trout, pretty much anything I can catch. I go to school in Columbia, SC but am from Lexington, KY so basically anything in those areas that I can fish for I will. I wont be doing any saltwater with this rod. This has led me to believe a 5wt 8' 6" or 9' rod would be best.

    I like the idea of a combo because everything is there and the prices are decent but if I can get a set up that is better by buying separately I will. I also like that combos come with cases.

    I am looking at the Orvis Streamline or Clearwater and the Redington Crosswater and Pursuit but I have heard that St. Croix rods are very good. I also want a 4 piece rod so that I can easily travel with it.

    Let me know what yall think and thanks for the help in advance.

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    I have had several reels, but the orvis is as good as anything I've had, and it is cheaper too. Orvis Mid Arbor size 3-5wt

    I've had numerous rods from $50 to over a $1000, and the TFO rods have always been good to me. They have good customer service too WHEN you break one and need it replaced! TFO 5wt 9Ft rod

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    Hi Henry,
    Welcome to the forum.

    Allen rods are reasonably priced and so are their reels. The ATS is on sale right now for around $119.00, it's a great, great rod for the price, and the 'Trout' series reels have quite a following on our forum.

    Here's a link for them.
    Allen Fly Fishing

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    From what you've listed in your post Redington is a solid rod for the price. I will also second Kevin in saying that Temple Fork makes very good rods for reasonable prices. I have used a Temple Fork Lefty Kreh 4 wt rod (though I would definitely use a heavier rod for Bass fishing) and it is a great rod. It's a friend of mine's and it tends to be what he uses most often (and he has several rods).

    Hope this helps. Bottom line is to get something that feels good in your hand as you mentioned. I have a few rods, some of which are very inexpensive. But they've all fit a certain need and you can definitely get a nice setup at a very low cost.

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    I own a couple Redington set ups and think they are great gear for those just getting into fly fishing. Of the two you mentioned, i would go with the Pursuit because it is a bit higher quality than the Crosswater.

    Orvis Clearwater would be a great choice too.

    Hard to go wrong with either of those you mentioned.

  6. Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    Thanks for the responses guys. I always appreciate a forum that helps out noobs. If I were to go the route of buying things separately and went with what kevin said I would already be over my budget without line, backing and everything else so I think a combo is a good idea.

    If yall had to choose would you go the Redington Pursuit or Orvis Clearwater or even Streamline. The Redington is the cheapest but Im willing to pay extra if the quality is worth it. It seems both have a lifetime warranty. I like Orvis because the finish and overall package seems more nice.

    Should I go 8' 6" or 9'? It seems 8' 6" would allow me to get into harder to reach areas.


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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    Orvis customer service is great so you know they'll stand behind what they sell. I love my Battenkill Mid-Arbor on my 8wt and look forward to finishing my 2wt rod to use my Battenkill bar stock . I have an Access 8wt rod and it can throw some line. Personally, I don't know about Reddington, so they could have the same customer service. I haven't fished with their equipment so can't speak to that either. I second Allen's great service. I haven't use their rods, but have a reel on my 6wt. I'd encourage you to contact Justin through his website or the forum and hear about what he has to offer.

    All else being equal it will depend on which you like to cast, which brings you back to going to stores to check them out. Beyond that, a combo is a great idea if it gets you what you want for less. If you're not going for anything too big you don't need a powerhouse reel, just need one with a decent drag if you get a nice bass and one that doesn't catch your line or crack easily. With a combo you might not get the best line, who knows. But you could just keep your eyes open for a sale on a better one and plan on replacing the line that came with your combo.

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner


    I would go for the 9' rod, easier to learn on , unless you are going to be fishing tight small brushy mt streams then either might be to long.

    I am going to throw a wrinkle in all the suggestions. Look at Craigslist or similar, you can find good deals on lightly used gear. The reason I suggest that is I did what you are doing and bought a "beginner combo". I went twice was hooked and became a gear *****. So the beginner combo is hanging in the garage collecting dust. I probably couldnt sell it for 1/2 what I paid for it so essentially I threw some money away and had I known spend another $100 on a good quality used set up it would have been more cost effective in the long run.

    Just my $.02 so take it with a grain of salt but here in Colorado I see alot of good deals on Winston Passport's, Sage Launch type of set ups all the time.
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  9. Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    I just checked craigslist and there wasn't anything on either Columbia or Lexington. Ill keep looking though.

    If a 9' rod is recommended that throws out the orvis streamline as it only comes in 8' 6". Is the clearwater worth $100 extra over the redington pursuit?

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    Default Re: Rod/Reel for a Beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by henry22 View Post
    Is the clearwater worth $100 extra over the redington pursuit?
    Yes. Further, Orvis has a great long standing pedigree in fly fishing. It is good quality gear with a good warranty. If i was picking one of those two, i would go with the Clearwater. It is a good idea to spend as much as you can afford on your first set up. You wont go wrong spending a bit more on higher quality equipment.

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