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Thread: New Forum

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    New Christian Fly Fishing Forum
    This place is really cool
    Check it out

    "Jesus Said, Go Fishing"

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    Site looks good...I'll see you there


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    It looks like a good site but I have a question. Why a Christian flyfishing website? I could understand a Christian flyfishing club where you would actually take trips and stay with other like minded believers and would not want drinking and carousing. But a website is where we share ideas and concepts about flyfishing not faith. I have received good advice from this site. I don't know the faith of those who have given me advice on tying a blood not, nor does it matter. I am not being critical just wondering. Jesus wants us to be fishers of men (the lost), not fishers of Christians. I am Hellfighter5308 as in "fighter of hell" because I am a Christian.

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    As a born again believer, I think it is not a bad idea to have a place where likeminded people can gather but it should be open to others as well.

    Kind of like church. Nice to gather with the body but lets not lock the doors.

    Will have to check out the site.

    All Means All

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    We will be taking group trips quite frequently. It's a place where you can post about your fishing, talk about fishing in a clean environment, pray for each other. Our first Trip is on the South Holston River, an incredible tailwater here in the South East on December 1st. Which will be the first of many trips together. Hope you'll come check it out.
    Once things really get going on the forum. We can reach out to those that have an interest in fishing. Through the common bond of fishing we can reach out and share our faith with non believers, while sharing in our fishing experiences as a fellowship of believers.
    I hope this place will grow by leaps and bounds.
    "Jesus Said, Go Fishing"

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