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    Default where can i buy some exotic flys

    ok guys my fly tying skills are pretty basic but ive been flyfishing for about 20 years.So im thinking that these super selective tailwater fish near me could be fooled better with emergers,stuck in the shuck midges the more low profile type of flies they dont see all the time.I see lots of flies in articles that i think may work well problem is when i look for them on web sites or in local tackle shops etc all I see are the run of the mill anybody know a good place to buy some of the moe technical type flies im looking for.

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    Default Re: where can i buy some exotic flys

    For what you've listed above Google 'buzzers,' as the Brit's would call them or here 'chominoides.' (Spellings close )

    Very cool flies and they flat work.
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    Default Re: where can i buy some exotic flys

    Check out the tying that member Laurie does, his tying is second to none and his site is called finneysflies (just do a google search). Also check out the flies on Blue Quill Anglers web site. You might also want to pick up a copy of Pat Dorsey's book "Fly Fishing Tailwates: Tactics and Patterns for Year-Around Waters". You may be running into a presentation issue rather than needing some exotic fly.
    [ame=""] Fly Fishing Tailwaters: Tactics and Patterns for Year-Round Waters (9780811705127): Pat Dorsey: Books@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

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