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Thread: Rhino Lid Cam

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    Default Rhino Lid Cam

    I would like to be able to start video taping my fly fishing adventures, but I don't think my pockets are deep enough for a GoPro at this time, so I have been looking around at different head mounted cameras to try out. The lid cam is one I have came across and it seems like a quality product and isn't bulky. Give me your opinions.

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    Default Re: Rhino Lid Cam

    cheap gopro , with the gopro 2 out you should be able to find just a gopro used for around 100

    contour, this was the camera trying to compete with go pro when it first came out.

    anything that shoots 720p at 30fps should be good enough. if you wanting slow mo you need it to be shooting ATLEAST 60fps. but there is tons of options out there, just pick something you like and go with it. none of the name brands make anything to ******

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    I checked out some of the reviews for that camera when I was looking this spring. I think it's good for the price but may be frustrating to get aimed just right. Utube has some good reviews you can watch.

    I ended up going with the Contour Roam; waterproof and a super wide/tall field of view for $175.00 and free shipping on ebay. (watch for it as only one seller was listing it for that price every few weeks) I glued the mount to the peak of my cap.
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    Check out Craigslist in your area. I'm seeing several here going for about what that lid cam goes for new. Most of them are probably used... but they are so popular for a reason. I took mine out with me yesterday and got a bit of footage. I'd post... but I'm a little embarrassed... (too much side-arm action, too aggressive on the sets and retrieve). But hey... I'm glad I took it out with me because it gives me a chance to critique myself and learn from my mistakes! =)

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