I just heard from Ben Frazier who let me know J.B. is coming out shortly with a fully splice-able 40 pound hollow Spectra. I called over to J.B. and found that is exactly what is happening. I will be getting some sample material to experiment with but this is giant news. Now standard reels which previously required the use of 60 pound to get a hollow product can increase the capacity using a 40 pound hollow product. This is not only great news for long range but all aspects of fishing as well where line capacity is an issue along with the desire of the angler to use knot-less connections. Additionally, I am told, the angler can insert up to 60 pound mono and flouro into the material for top shots and wind ones but we will have to see how big one can go in this regard. None the less I will assume we will now be able to make top shots and windons in even smaller diameter and smaller line tests than we can now. It sounds like this product should be available within a few weeks. WOW!!!! those of us using smaller and smaller reels and lighter and lighter top shots will be super excited about this event. For me this is going to change even my fly fishing backing since I went to hollow backing and knot-less tippets some time ago.... Very, very successfully. I am totally stoked.