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Thread: Last Natives of Pinemeadow Brook

  1. Last Natives of Pinemeadow Brook

    I was trying to post a story that I wrote That had to do with a recent trip to N.Y.C. and a visit to Harriman State Park and some old Haunts of mine when I was a teenager. I stopped at a small brook that is the outlet of Sebago lake and Pine meadow lake. As I assembled my 7' #2 rod an older gentleman teased me about fishing that creek and that he hadn't seen a fish in that creek in thirty years, he also laughed at me. I walked up the creek to some spots I knew held some trout when I was a teen because, they stocked brookie's and brown's in the brook back in those days. The gist of the story is that way up in the heavily wooded areas of the brook I managed to catch several small brilliantly colored brookies. I had to head back to the car due to a huge thunder shower that seemed ominus. As I approached my car I once again was asked in a taunting way if I had caught anything? My reply: You are absolutely correct sir " there are NO fish in that creek let alone trout" There was not enough space for the entire story, but those fish reminded me of the movie " last of the Dogmen " About a tribe of native Americans that live way back in the Absaroka mts of Montana and don't want to be found. midgeaholic

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    Nice post man! Getting further away from the car often gets big rewards.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    thanks for sharing the story. I love hearing about brook trout adventures.

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