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    I am looking to buy a nice new combo that will be used mainly for panfish. I am think something 3wt atleast 8'. Any suggestions? I would like the rod to be one with a lifetime replacement warranty also. I don't wanna break the bank, but I don't mind spending a little money either. I mainly fish baitcasters, so I am not familiar with all the fly fishing rods/reels. I'm just wanting to upgrade from my Walmart Shakespeare combo.


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    might as well suggest a fly line also

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    If you plan on fishing from a low water craft (tube, canoe, raft, etc.) I would go a little longer on the rod to give you a bit more room on the back cast.

    Also, size the rod weight to the flies you intend to fish and not completely on the fish you'll be chasing. Going up to a 5 weight will still provide plenty of fun with panfish but also still allow you to throw poppers and small "bushy" deer hair flies.

    Weight forward floating line will be best (beats the wind and helps with those popping bugs).

    Put most of your budget into your rod, then the line... cheap reels work fine... they "hold" the line just as good as an expensive one.

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    thanks for the reply

    what I mostly fish is a fly called a gurgle pop. Are you familiar with this fly, and do you think the 5wt would be more suited for this fly?

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    For pan fish I would consider the Cabela's Custom Glass Rod in the 3wt 5'9" model, I know it's not the 8'+ that you would like but they pack a big bang for your buck at $100 and they are often on sale for $75. It is quite short, but don't let that fool you. I have no problem laying out a #10 foam beetle or popper at 40 feet with great accuracy, much further than that and the cast starts to become sloppy. I have a 3wt Cortland 444 DT line on mine and it feels just at home, I'm sure a WF line would do just fine also. If you buy the Cabela's CGR+Cortland Retro reel combo at Cabela's, you get a free Cortland 444 Sylk DT line. A good size bluegill will put a nice bend in the rod, what a fun little stick.


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    Cabelas Three Forks rods are excellent and cheap too. I know you wanted something with a warranty, but for $50 how can you go wrong? If it breaks, just buy another. I have their 3 wt and absolutely love it.

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    Hi Stump,

    I like Fly Fish Beck's approach to this. Unless you will never venture to a bass pond a #3 rod would be fine for gills but if you want to start heaving larger flies and poppers for bass the 3 is gonna be a challenge.

    Think about it like this if you would, you are better off catching a light fish on a heavier rod than visa-versa. While some folks think fighting a big bass on ultra lite gear is cool I look at them and think, 'Dude, get er done will ya'. Think 5 weight and you can handle about anything with it.


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    I should elaborate. I have the Cabela's Three Forks 3wt for trout. However, if I was to buy an inexpensive rod for bream/bass/etc., I would try the three forks 5 or 7 wt version.

    Matter of fact, I think they have a 4 pc, 6 wt on sale for $35. I don't need a 6 wt, but I'm inclined to buy it because it's so cheap.

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    I agree with the suggestions of other guys who recommend a 5 wt rod. My experience is limited to a templefork two piece rod called Signature Series. Until I sold it, the rod had covered from trout to carp. I regretted that I sold it. The company has an excellent customer service as well. I got it from Bass pro shop, a package deal.

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    You might want to take a look a rdpflyrods, the blanks he uses are from Batson Enterprises and he matches them with Ross reels and they are inexpensive and his reviews are very good.


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