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Thread: Aleka Sports

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    Have any of you heard of these guys? From what I can tell the are a UK company importing from China. I was looking at the A4 reel. Price seems right but may have to go up to the 7/8 for a 6wt to get the backing I want.

    Thought I would ask if anyone had any experiences with them.

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    i've no experience with this company, but i do have a reel for my 5 wt that is identical to their A4 reel in looks, and i'm sure in how is was made. I bought mine on ebay last year, so maybe the Aleka is more up to date model wise.

    The reel is ok. a bit flimsy in appearance, but structurally sound and has a decent drag. I was on a budget, thats why i bought it ($50)

    Judging from the review, they seem like a decent company. I've been tempted to get one of their outfits, but right now have no real justficiation for another rod and reel since i've 3 wt in the house that has never been wet. However, if i do find myself in need of anther rod/reel, i will be considering Aleka.

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    I've looked at the same reel but decided I would rather order an Allen Trout reel for a little more or wait until they go on sale for about the same price.
    I have had such incredible customer service and support from the guys running the show at Allen that I know if something goes wrong I'll be taken care off without having to deal with someone overseas.
    Maybe with time the Aleka guys will have the same reputation but until then I'll go with a safe bet for a couple bucks more (or the same price.)

    Steelheader's Anonymous.

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