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    Default Hope your fishing experiences are as good as these

    I'm in grad studies and wrapped up my semester with a couple of days at my father's place this week to unwind. He's 82 and as healthy and ornery as they get at that age.

    Ended up catching a flathead catfish on the fly rod at the local reservoir outlet. (4-5 lbs. Good for nice tussle. Never caught one on a fly rod before).

    The next morning we went to his local golf course pond and caught a mess of bluegills and bass for the frying pan. He caught a 15'' crappie on spin tackle, as well. A nice fish!

    After eating those fish for lunch ( MMMM!), it was back to the golf course for nine holes. Shot decently well for not having played in a year (48). That same pond cost me dearly in golf balls on the eighth hole.

    Couldn't have had a better two days.

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    Default Re: Hope your fishing experiences are as good as these

    Sounds like a relaxing visit, but I'll skip the "pasture pool" and stick to fishing.

    A long story, but over 40 years ago at the end of a horrible day on the links a friend and I vowed to sell our clubs and never play golf again. I stuck to the promise even if he didn't.

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