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Thread: Got Excuses?

  1. Default Got Excuses?

    I just wrote up the Golden Excuse to get your wife to let you go fishing on my blog.

    Before I discovered that one, I would usually just blame my buddy or try and find something for my wife to do with her twin sister.

    The golden one works - it traces to Dr. Laura - the shrink - who says unequivocally that guys need "guy time" and the women should just suck it up.

    Granted, I can only ride this one for so long...

    Anyone have any good ones that usually produce the "kitchen pass"? Need to expand my list for next season so I do not have to repeat myself as often :-)

  2. Default Re: Got Excuses?

    During the middle of the summer, I would go out at 6AM on Saturday and Sunday and would come home around 11. The river is 5 minutes away, so I would get 4+ hrs of fishing in on Saturday and Sunday and still spend time with the family.

    It's trickier now that I need to go in the middle of the day since it's so cold. I now have to do a lot of foot rubbing and cleaning during the week to buy some mid afternnon weekend time on the stream.

    If she gives me a hard time.. I just mope around a lot so she see's how disappointed I am.


  3. Default Re: Got Excuses?

    It is tougher now that it is colder. It will be 52 here today, but is only 30 right now.

    Her sister is coming down today but when I said "maybe I'll go fishing..." I got "the look".

    But - like you - maybe I can get a few hours in once it warms up a bit. The challenge is that my water is farther away.

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