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    Default Split shot advice

    I was fishing a local freshwater pond recently, using a very slow slinking fly for small bass and bream. The sink rate was a little too slow for me. If I were to use split shot, where on the tippet or leader should it be placed? Thanks, Kenny, Jacksonville
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    I normally put my split shot about 8-10 inches above my point fly, give or take 2-3 inches. Depends on depth of water, size of fly etc.
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    Default Re: Split shot advice


    In the circumstances you describe I would put the shot just above the knot that you use to tie on your tippet. The split shot will quickly sink to the bottom and according to how long your tippet is, the fly will be off the bottom and slowly sinking. Let's say the tippet is 20" long. Then the split shot will go to the bottom and the fly will slowly cover the bottom 18 or so inches. This setup allows you to cover the bottom area quicker and you don't waste a lot of time waiting for the fly to sink to the fish level. If you put the split-shot closer to the fly it will take the fly directly to the bottom and it will only be a few inches off of the bottom all of the time.


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