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  1. Default Rainbow Trout "Dry Fly Takes" In High Definition!

    Wow guys... fantastic site, its nice to be on board. Steelhead on the fly is my choice this time of year, has anyone been doing ok? Spey fishing? Love to hear the stories!!

    Take care all

    check out the free show!! Download all 4!

    BC fishing and outdoor lifestyle HDTV adventure - BC Fishing, Fishing TV, BC Steelhead Fishing, BC Trout Fishing, BC Salmon Fishing

    ps.. we should get a Steelhead photo thread going

  2. Default Re: Rainbow Trout "Dry Fly Takes" In High Definition!

    watched all them and loved it!

    I noticed in the last 2 episodes one guy was casting a Sage VT2...was that you?
    If it was you, what model were you using?

    thanks for the vids man!

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