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Thread: why do you fly fish

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    the challenge.

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    Hard to put into words. I suppose because it's the most graceful (when done correctly, which is something I seldom acheive), kinetic, and sporting way to catch fish?

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    Because I get to spend 'quality time' with my son - he can fly fish all day, every day, and now out-fishes me on a regular basis - and I want the quality time to last....forever.

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    First of all Colin thank you for your current service as a fire fighter I am just finishing up my fire science degree and am in the middle of my EMT as well. As for your question I have been fishing my whole life and have been fortunate enough to catch some trophy fish and have some awsome memories. But all the big fish I have caught the most exiting and gratifying fish I have ever caught was a 4 inch sucker on a fly I tied myself. As long as I live I wont forget it and to this day that fly sits up in my hat watching every other fish I get from here on out.

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    I am also a husband, father, grandfather. Also a volunteer firefighter. I also work a full time job. I fly fished when i was young, maybe 10 - 14 yrs of age. i enjoyed it then. I didnt flyfish for 25yrs untill i took it up a couple years ago. I still enjoy it. i like the solitude, the scenery, being so concentrated on what I am doing i forget the stress of the day. Its me, it fits. Its almost an opposite of my personality. Its not about catching fish, thats a bonus i guess, it more the experience. its hard to just put into words, but here is a quote that hangs on my fridge.........

    "Many go fishing all their lives without knowing that is not fish they are after"
    Henry David Thoreau

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    Because it beats the heck out of mowing the yard.

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    Because snow melts. milt.
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    I find trolling on the boat a bit boring, I also feel casting a worm or powerbait and waiting for a fish to bite is boring as well. With fly fishing, if I am doing it right, I feel I am constantly connected to the fly, and when a fish hits, better connected there as well. I guess I fly fish for the tug, the bend, the fight and the challenge, I enjoy feeling the hit, the hookup, and hearing the reel scream as the fish takes line. But i also find I would rather fish with someone else, though I have fished alone many times, my preference is with a friend or family member, so maybe it is also the comaraderie.

    If I could not fish I would find something else to do to relieve the stress of the day, I played a lot of golf in the old days, but, I seem happier and more focused in my daily life when I have had some time to get a line wet during the week.

    So, I guess the answer is I fish for my sanity, I fly fish because that is the way I enjoy fishing the most.

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