Hello all, I have not posted in quite a while, mostly due to work and the travel it takes me on. I am back now to the Roaring Fork Vally and to the rivers I now feel like are home. I am still very much new to the fly but in one year I have gone from fumbling with knots and many days skunked to feeling comfortable with my gear, reading the rivers well and of course still some days were the rainbows jump around me, just to remind me that they are there. I have been out five of the last six days, if only for sundown. Twice already this season I have gotten my biggest fish to hand, once on the Frying Pan River flats, and once in Joseph Oregon. While traveling a friend I work with offered to have me and my wife come stay when the job was done. While driving through the amazing river valley and canyons out to Joseph, I asked our friend if she knows anyone who fishes. She smiled and explained that her husband was a raft guide and had many good friends who guided. The next morning I had a spey rod in my hand just in time for the last week of steelhead season. I had the amazing luck of hooking up with two steel head. The first was only about 18 inches and my new friends explained that it was likely making its first trip back. The second fish played my like a fiddle. Line screaming out, me almost up to my chest getting drug down stream. I got her to a pool where I could see the shadow and colors as she swam by. The next run got the best of me in a fast moving pocket that broke me off. Amazing, that is the only way I can describe it. Its summer and i'm ready to spend every free moment on the river. Hope everyone is having a great spring and now summer. Here is to the one that got away!