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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Though I consider myself a minimalist, I always have at least 100 flies on me. I've just recently retired the fly fishing vest and I still have plenty of room for 200+ flies in the pocket of my waders; 100 if I take one box. I just don't see the need to cut down on flies, they are so light and small! I cut back on everything else. Unless I am wading HUGE stretches of river where I will need food, water and supplies I don't carry anything more than a pockets worth of stuff. I carry two spools of tippet, an extra leader, floatant, Hemistats and nippers all in the front pouch of my waders without ever feeling incumbered in the least. However, to honor the thread I will list my 4 MUST HAVE, though I usually have better (or in most cases just more) options on me.

    1. 14 BH Hares Ear or BH Prince (tossup)
    2. 6 BH Olive bugger with flash
    3. 14 Parachute Adams
    4. Beetle

    Now... I really just can't pick 4 so here's the next 4 which I rely on often

    5. 16 Patriot (brook trout always seem eager to rise for these)
    6. 12 Barber Pole Wet Fly (also a brook trout killer)
    7. BIG black stonefly nymph with tensil ribbing (10 or 12), the big ugly nymph often works as an attractor when I dont' see anything happening
    8. Little Elk Hair Black Caddis; I tie it with red grizzly palmered around the hook...I've found it to work great as a caddis imitation or an attractor

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Copper John, red #18
    Woolly Bugger, olive & black, #8
    Elk Hair Caddis, cream #16
    Parachute Adams, #16

    I'm biased towards dry fly fishing................................


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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Streamer...Yellow Zoo Cougar.
    Dries (2)...a Golden Stimulator and a parachute Adams.
    Nymph...Green Copper John.

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Depends on the time of year but my top fly list is

    prince nymph
    pheasant tail

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    If I have to be a minimalist......I'll have to keep all my flies dry and give up my nymphing - which is where I've been heading anyway:
    1) Rusty Spinner in all sizes
    2) Parachutes in all sizes tied in 2 colors....dark and light (how's that for covering my *ss) My generic My s because

    ---------- Post added at 05:23 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:17 PM ----------

    sorry for my continuation last post was entered prematurely ....thats what happends after a few beers and a stressful day at work....
    3) CDC Caddis
    4) Ant patterns

    with these in all sizes i'm pretty much covered.....I would only add that for smaller sized mayflies i quit the parachutes and tie a nice CDC winged comparadun or sparkle dun.

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    Black bugger
    Muddled minnow
    Foam ant

    Hole card: the Junebugger. (hound hair streamer w/ herl and a red flossed head)

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    BH grhe
    black wooly bugger
    grey ghost


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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys


    -foam emerger (most would call a beetle)

    -nymph with 1970 dental dam(like a translucent greenish brown color) wrapped abdomen and same rubber for wing case with hairy thorax in natural colors/zero flash/longer than normal rubber legs only 4 and placed on planes that encourage some legs to be see from just about any angle
    (id imagine someone felt a need to attach their name to a similar pattern)

    -a full profile streamer that suggests lots of life; darker with a natural contrast(e.g. black and green, or brown) maribu and rubber legs for the movement.

    i thank my father for doing most of the hard work and then sharing his experiences with me.

    i am a firm believer in the trivial concept; stimulus/response action.

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Streamer:#8 Conehead Woolly Bugger - Olive

    Nymph :#16 Beadhead Prince Nymph

    Dry :#12 Yellow Stimulator

    Wildcard> Hot day:#14 Tan Elk Hair Caddis, Overcast & cool: #16 Parachute Pale Morning Dun

    (The pics and full names of the flies are included in case any new bees look at this)
    "By the time I was a teenager I fit the standard profile of a lifelong angler. I was lazy, shiftless, unambitious and willing to work hard only at things that were widely considered useless." ~John Gierach

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Parachute PMD
    Parachute Hares Ear
    Royal Wolfe
    JJ Special
    My worst day on the water beats my best day anywhere else hands down!!

    Upstream Anglers and Outdoor Adventures

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