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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Olive and starling softhackle
    Deer hair caddis
    Grey Fox variation
    Black Nosed Dace variation
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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Parachute Adams
    Elk Hair Caddis
    Bead-head nymph of some sort
    There are many ways to salvation, and one of them is to follow a river. - David Brower

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Belly ache minnow
    Copper john
    San juan
    Elk caddis

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Quote Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
    Belly ache minnow
    Copper john
    San juan
    Elk caddis
    You're a nymphin' fool tbblom!
    And maybe the most honest guy here......
    San Juan Worm

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Quote Originally Posted by Walter1023 View Post

    If I have to be a minimalist......I'll have to keep all my flies dry and give up my nymphing - which is where I've been heading anyway:
    1) Rusty Spinner in all sizes
    2) Parachutes in all sizes tied in 2 colors....dark and light (how's that for covering my *ss) My generic My s because[COLOR="Silver"]
    3) CDC Caddis
    4) Ant patterns
    Oh good call... RUSTY SPINNER! How did I miss that one?

    I would swap out Rusty Spinner for Egg-laying Caddis on my original list.

    "We fish for pleasure; I for mine, you for yours." -James Leisenring

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Warning - Thread Hijack in Progress...............

    Stenacron, I like your Leisenring quote. I used to live in the Poconos and fished most of the waters that were home to Jim. His book got me in to soft hackles and flymph-type nymphs. His recipes still work well on the waters in the Poconos / Catskills.

    ..............and now - back to your top 4!


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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    CDC caddis #12
    foam ant #14
    Griffin's gnat #16
    green weenie #10

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Adams dry in parachute and traditional types and sizes
    Midge pattern that works where I fish
    Micro jig
    Pheasant tail nymph in different sizes

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    I agree with troutdoorsman that it depends on when you fish (time of year), but it also depends on where you fish. He has a good list for the river on his post. Since I am fishing mostly stillwater these days, my list would be based on where I am fishing as well as when (and what is working/hatching right now).

    My top four over the last month....
    Mallard and Peacock with a bead
    Martis Midge - trimmed short on the front
    Black Buggers (with rainbow flash)
    CDC baetis emerger (on the water now) or Damsel Nymph (just starting to see them and once they start going strong, you need these in your fly box at the lake)

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Partridge and Yellow, Roberts Drake, PT nymph, Foam Ant. Wouldn't fish anywhere in MI without those... Would carry some in various sizes...


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