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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Chartruese Egg
    Egg sucking Leech
    Murdich Minnow

    This would cover Steelhead and Smallmouths

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    1. Woolly Bugger
    2. Woolly Bugger
    3. Woolly Bugger
    4. Woolly Bugger

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    #6 BH Olive bugger (palmered with olive grizzly hen hackle)
    #16 BH Green Rockworm (a local speciality)
    #18 BH Prince Nymph
    #16 Irresistable Adams (I love it in riffles)

    There is no greater fan of fly fishing than the worm. ~Patrick F. McManus, Never Sniff a Gift Fish, 1979

    Anger is like peeing in your pants: everyone can see it, but only you can feel it. ~Jeff Yalden

    Remember: The winner gets to write the history books.

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Olive Wooly Bugger
    Black foam ant
    Epoxy brown minnow

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Black Wooly Bugger
    Elk Hair Caddis
    Bead Head Caddis Nymph
    Rio Grande Trude

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    all i have to say,
    THANK YOU guys, i just went through most of the posts looking up any FLY's that did not ring a bell as being one in my box. and while getting ready to place a new order online for more flies my order just went from about 60 to 100 Flies

    but to get back on topic of this thread: *(i've never used Streamers so ill skip that)
    my top 3 are: *(for So.Cal)
    1. Elk hair Caddids (with some black, brown or tan color in it)
    2. Humpty RED or YELLOW
    3. Wulff Royal RED or YELLOW w/some black in it
    4. Red/Yellow Stimulators tied vs Parachute Adams

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    1. Gold ribbed hares ear
    2. Pheasant tail
    3. Olive wooly bugger (bead head)
    4. Yellow stimulator

    Definitely the four flies I fall back on. If I'm not catching something on these I'm probably getting skunked.

    Great responses and great ideas from everyone!

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    1. eat me
    2. clouser
    3. triple threat flats fly
    3. gurgler

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Parachute Adams #18
    RSII (gray) #20
    Soft Hackle PT #18
    Amy's Ant (olive) #8

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    Default Re: 4 Must have flys

    Maybe 4 flies per season.. but I couldn't pick 4 flies I'd use all year round.

    I can't imagine not having hoppers in September, or using them in January..

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