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Thread: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

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    Default Re: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

    Streamwalker, I am just starting out too. And it looks like you have attracted som great advice. Thanks for posting and thanks for asking. And thanks to all the people who have responded. I have only fished with the fly for about 45 minutes and I was hooked instantly. I spend part of every day online researching, looking for advice, and watching videos and everyday I learn more and more. This is a great community that is openly willing to impart wisdom and advice on us more novice fishermen(women). Thanks and good luck landing that lunker!

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    Default Re: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

    Quote Originally Posted by tbblom View Post
    A box of 5-10 flies won't last long when you are starting, I filled a box with $.50 clearance flies when I started. Unless the fish are really spooky, I wouldn't bother with smaller than 5x tippet (you'll just be wondering where the fly went and for how long it has been gone.)

    This is some of the best advice about flies & leaders I've read. Right on Tevis; let me know if I'm butchering your name OK.....

    Anywhere can be the land of great expectations, broken dreams, or paradise found, it's all up to you.

    Life On The Line - Alaska Fishing with Ard
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    Default Re: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

    Tevis...sorry if I'm butchering your'll be Ard's fault

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    Default Re: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

    That's it (pronounced Teh-vis, sorry for the thread jacking!)
    I only figured out this stuff in the last few years... but now that I catch some fish I like to post like I know thing or two

    I have a lot of empathy for beginners (and I still am one in the grand scheme of things); walking into a fly shop with 1000's of flies seems daunting until you figure out which 5 you are actually going to use.
    And then there is the lingo...

    WD40, rs2, PMD, BWO, PMX, #16, 1/0, 7wt, 190gr, WF, DT, Double haul, riffle, chironimid; it is all like learning a foreign language at first. And I don't even know the first thing about skagits, scandians, spey, switch, featherwings, or how to do a snap-T.

    This site has helped immensely, I only wish I had found it earlier. Welcome to the affliction and can't wait to see some fish pics.

    Instagram page @tblom77

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    Default Re: brand new and wanting to start fly fishing!!

    ordered my rod and reel from Justin. my principal has been tying flies for 28 years and is a tour guide around the area so im going to his house once my rod comes in and hes going to train me well on everything and take me to the streams another day cant wait to give a go at this sport!

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