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    [IMG2="left"][/IMG2]Do those big steelie/salmon flies (like those huge streamer flies like flesh flies and those huges long fluffy ones ) they use on big rivers work the same on a creek about this size. BTW I live and bowmanville ontario and i would be fishing the ganaraska river, bowmanville and oshawa creeks if any one is familiar with them.

    I know its hard to see but the edge of the creek starts just behind me and goes just a bit beyond the left side of where the picture cuts off

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    Well, a flesh fly is intended to imitate a chunk of meat that has fallen off of a salmon that has completed its spawning run and thus, its life. I think flesh flies are more effective on the other fish in the stream that are still involved in living normally. The bigger flies (popsicles, general practicioners and such) are intended to either look like the squid and prawns the steelhead and salmon ate out in the ocean, or to be large enough to incite a defensive strike.

    I think you'd be best off sticking with what's known as "great lakes steelhead patterns", which frequently are more like extra large nymphs.

    Then again, this is based on years of reading, not actual experience fishing in your region.

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    Hi Josh,

    Flesh flies originated in Alaska for trout fishing. Remember that Trout in Western Alaska can go 30+ inches. When you have millions of Salmon dying you have a great source of food for the big Trout. I don't think they would be a good fly in your river unless you have a bunch of Salmon in the river at one time. If it was me I would stick with the standard Steelhead flies in your area. Using a really big fly in a small river like you are showing may be a problem. You could be getting a big splash every time the fly enters the water. In a small river pool this could alarm the fish. If your big old fly was weighted then it would be even more of a problem.

    If anyone is catching Steelhead in the lower 48 with a flesh fly I would like to hear about it.


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    lake Ontario flesh flies, right after the salmon spawn,,they work...As for the popscycle type flies just tie them a bit smaller for the smaller rivers and streams..
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